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Horse Tracks 9/18/08


Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Still more fallout from the game last Sunday.  Ed Hochuli has been answering emails and letters from angry fans of Phyllis and his not so merry men.  See here

At least Jay Cutler has moved on and is preparing for the Saints.  See here

Something that you may not know is three head coaches in the NFL went to Eastern Illinois.  See that and other Bronco notes here

Denver's O-line is doing very well.  See here

Jeremy Bates is taking full advantage of mismatches with his play calling.  See here 

Shanny has been pleased at how his recent picks are performing.  See here

Looks like the 2007 Pats offense inspired the 2008 Broncos.  See here

Former Broncos QB Gus Frerotte is starting for the Vikings.  Hey Gus, don't bang your head!  See here

Will Jarvis Moss have a chip on his shoulder this Sunday?  He just might since he finally gets to play.  See here

Shanny is sure loving his offense.  See here

Here's a story on Calvin Lowry and Josh Shaw.  See here

Shanny spoke with the New Orleans media yesterday.  See here

Former Bronco Craig Morton has written a book.  See here

Looks like Brandon Marshall ignored Jay Cutler's phone calls for a time in the off-season.  Good thing that's over with.  See here

Bottom of the Barrell

I know there are some good people who root for the conquered fader nation (I'm not sure why), but this is not one of the good people.  Please.....DO NOT take out your frustrations of your team on someone else!  Read for yourself.  See here

That's all I have today.  Enjoy your Thursday!