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A Few Good Questions With....Canal Street Chronicles


The Broncos leave the friendly confines of the AFC West for a week to entertain Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints.  In preparation for the game, Saintsational from Canal Street Chronicles took a few moments to answer some questions about the Saints and the game -- 

TSG -- Reggie Bush kind fell into your laps in the draft a few years ago. What is your opinion on how he has progressed? Will he ever be a "feature" back, or is his game suited more for playing in space?

SS -- Well, with expectations set so high for Reggie coming out of USC, I guess I would be lying if I said he hasn't totally met my expectations. I think he hasn't met many Saints fans expectations. That being said, he's a great weapon to have on your team and he is a supremely talented running back who is a threat every time he touches the ball. The reason I think most fans are disappointed is because he's not that every down feature back kind of player. I don't think he ever will be. He's a player who is going to be great on pitches, short slants, screens etc. not runs between the tackles. I think everyone, including the Saints organization, needs to accept that and just try and utilize Reggie to the best of his ability. Better run blocking might solve the situation as well.

TSG -  There seemed to be lofty expectations for the Saints in 2008. What were your thoughts heading into the season?

SS - My thoughts were, and still are, Superbowl. This team is just to darn good on paper not to succeed. After last weeks game against Washington however, I may need to scale back my expectations as the Saints are displaying many of the same problems they have dealt with for years. There seems to be a large hump that the Saints can never overcome and that hump is consistency. Here's hoping this is the year.

TSG - Injuries have already decimated the Saints in several key areas. Any updates on Marques Colston and what other injuries could affect the Saints in Denver? What's the latest on Deuce McAllister?

SS - I think (read: hope) the Saints are actually on their way to getting healthier. Nothing new on Colston. He will hopefully be back in a month. As far as Deuce is
concerned, he had two runs last week against Washington so I am expecting him to get a little bit more responsibility against the Broncos. I think the team is in the middle of a slow phase in for Deuce. Against Denver, the team will hopefully also see Mike McKenzie return for the first time since tearing his ACL. Randall Gay was out last week and it would be nice to see him return as well. Our secondary needs all the help it can get. Scott Fujita should also be ready to go this week after missing last week.

TSG - The Saints seemed to have the game against the Redskins under control. What happened to turn the tide?

SS - The defense got tired and reverted to their old ways. That's it really. They just shut down. It's very frustrating to watch. Maybe the heat got to them.

TSG - Finish this statement - "The Broncos will beat the Saints if....."

SS - They run the ball well and consistently and Cutler can exploit the Saints weaknesses in the secondary.

TSG - Give us a player on the Saints that Broncos fan have probably never heard of but should know about.

SS - I never know how well known he is but I am going to say Pierre Thomas. I love the kid and I think he is the future running back of this team. The human bowling ball. On defense I am a big fan of Bobby McCray. He's so quick off the line.

TSG - Prediction Time - Give us the score of the game.

SS - Am I supposed to be optimistic and pick the Saints? If the Saints win it's probably going to be close. This one could be high scoring as well. I am gonna go with 35-34 Saints.

Our thanks to Saintsational from CanalStreetChronicles for taking the time to answer our questions!!