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Horse Tracks 9/23/08


Here's a Tuesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jim Armstrong seems to think that the Broncos are the team to beat in the AFC.  Haven't heard that thinking for a while.  See here

Quick scoring offense is paying off quite well.  See here

Apparently miscommunication is causing problems on defense.  Do you need to send smoke signals to fix it?  See here

Defense is taking hits from all places.  See here

Dave Kreiger seems to think that going to a 3-4 may be a better fit for this team.  See here

While fixing the defense is  critical, starting a win streak in Kansas City is just as important.  See here

Mike Klis has some answers in his mailbag.  See here

Mark Kiszla thinks Jay Cutler can be MVP.  See here 

While it is sometimes fun to see a shootout, how about some dominant defense?  See here

There are some people throwing out predictions for the Broncos as well as the rest of the undefeated teams left in the NFL this year.  See here

What is going on here?  A coach competing against his former player in one of the most competitive businesses in Denver....a Steakhouse!  See here

That's all I have.  Have a great day!