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Horse Tracks 9/25/08


Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Matt Prater is doing quite well replacing Jason Elam.  See here

Jay Cutler plans to enjoy his trip to Arrowhead.  See here

Shanny raved over his young players' efforts.  See here

Speaking of youth, KC makes Denver look old.  See here and here

Looks like Denver had some DTs banged up.  See here

Hopefully this defense can get some sacks on Sunday.  See here

Right now the defense is not hitting the panic button.  See here

While fantasy owners hate this situation, the Denver RBs are content with sharing the carries.  See here

The Missouri Indians have decided that Damon Huard will be thier starting QB.  See here

Several Broncos talked about losing Tom Nalen for the season (and maybe for good).  See here

Michael Pittman has been a huge help to Jay Cutler.  See here

Brandon Marshall keeps giving opposing defenses nightmares.  See here

Lady Luck has smiled on the Broncos so far.  See here

A former Bronco is speaking at Gardner-Webb University.  See here

Another former Bronco, Karl Mecklenburg, is speaking at another event.  See here

Good news folks, there are still tickets available for the game at Arrowhead.  See here


That's all I have today.  Have a good day!