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Horse Tracks 9/3/08


Here's a Wednesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

The Denver Post discussed the fresh start that Domonique Foxworth will have in Atlanta.  See here

Foxy is still sad that he is leaving Denver.  See here

Mike Klis responed to some letters about the Broncos.  See here

Jim Armstrong talks about the youth movement.  See here

Wesley Woodyard and a number of others have opened doors to the NFL by playing special teams.  See here

This story talks about the working relationship between Jay Cutler and Jeremy Bates.  See here

A writer in Summit County, Colorado wondered if the Broncos will be good again.  See here

Denver's receivers are ready to go against the conquered fader nation despite not having Brandon Marshall.  See here

We need to say a prayer for Richard Collier of the Jags.  He ws in the wrong place at the wrong time.  See here

That is all I have today.  Enjoy your Wednesday!