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Horse Tracks 9/30/08


Here's a Tuesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Clifford Russell is hoping to play soon.  He should be thankful he is able to walk.  See here

Looks like the critics are letting the Broncos have it this week.  See here

Tony Gonzalez was upset that he couldn't get his precious yardage record this past Sunday.  See here

Sam Adams wonders who will Denver stop this season.  See here

Shanny told the media yesterday that the offense was the main culprit in the loss.  See here and here

Maybe the defense will improve with age.  See here

The Rocky Mountain News gave an overview of the first quarter of the season.  See here

A writer gave a list of some books for us to read about our beloved Broncos.  See here

Denver's rushing attack is ranked 14th.  They haven't been that way since Wade Phillips was coaching there.  See here

Mike Klis answered some angry letters.  See here

The Bucs are winning despite the turnovers.  See here

NFL News/Bottom of the Barrel

Looks like Ed Hochuli blew another call Sunday.  See here

Here we go again folks!  The conquered fader nation is firing Lane Kiffin (maybe?).  Even Shanny didn't get treated like this!  See here

At least the Rams did it quickly.  See here

Some sad news.  Jaguars lineman Richard Collier is paralyzed and lost a leg from a shooting earlier this month.  See here


That's all I have.  Enjoy your day!