Broncos 2008 vs. Broncos 1998, A Few Comparative Notes

Many have looked at our 2008 team with Cutler and Company and made comparisons to the Super Bowl years.  I watched tape last night of the Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII victory over Atlanta and made some notes when looking at this years Broncos team.  Here are some thoughts:

1. The Running Game- Of course with Terrell Davis the running game is going to be a lot more effective for the 98 team.  But I also noticed there was for more complexity and movement in the zone blocking for the 98 teams.  This is mostly because the 98 offensive lineman were very veteran players (Tom Nalen and Dan Neil were the youngest).  I think this squad can get to that complexity but it will be a while.  The biggest difference I noticed was how quickly some of our lineman would get in on linebackers and attack a more specific spot on the defense.  Where as in the Chiefs game the Broncos looked like they were running basic stretch left, stretch right plays. 

2. Defensive Blitzing-The 98 Broncos didn't have near the talent that the 08 Broncos have in the secondary. (Dre and Champ vs. Ray Crockett and Darien Gordon, come on...). They made up for this with creative blitzing. It was usually a linebacker with a nickel back.  They would bring Atwater from time to time to mix it up, especially since Atwater was a great blitzer.  

3. Eddie Royal as Rod Smith-In his heyday Rod Smith had speed and ran excellent routes.  Eddie Royal looks just as good.  Both guys were amazing finds.  If Royal has half the career Rod had we will be in good shape. 

4. Brandon Marshall as Ed McCaffrey-I love Eddie, but this isn't even fair.  For Marshall there is no comparison.  He is a freak of nature.  Both have good size and are devestating blockers.  Eddie had better hands but Marshall is stronger, faster and more of a playmaker after the catch. 

I think we have the offensive ingredients to be great.  It will take time to develop more complexity in the run game and star tailback like Torain could make that happen. Our receivers our awesome.  There is talent on that defense, it's time to ring up the Greg Robinson blitzes. I know he isn't doing very well on Syracuse, but the man could bring the heat and I thought he worked well with Shanahan. 

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