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Denver Broncos 41 - Oakland Raider 14 - Cutler Ascends, Royal Arrives


Category Broncos Raiders
Score 41 14
Rushing Yards
142 150
Passing Yards
299 157
Total Yards 441 307
Turnovers 0 1
Sacked 0 2
T.O.P 29:50 30:10

It's only one game, against a team that we should beat, that we had to beat. There is a long way to go, and the Broncos still have a lot of questions. That's all well and good, and I'll think about it tomorrow, tonight I am going to take some time to enjoy the re-birth of the Denver Broncos offense.

Not the offense that Jake Plummer used to win a lot of regular season games from 2003-2006. No, the REAL Broncos offense. The one that is relentless. The one that keeps coming and keeps coming for 60 minutes. The offense that frustrates defenses into stupid penalties. That offense, behind Jay Cutler and a cast of young, talented linemen and skill position players, is back and with it the sky's the limit.

The Broncos started fast, taking the opening kickoff and going the distance, scoring a TD on a beautiful touchdown pass from Jay Cutler to Eddie Royal. Yes, Eddie Royal. Let's take a moment to talk about the Offensive Rookie of the Year. My concern the entire pre-season was where Jay Cutler was going to go with the football with Brandon Marshall out. The answer came early and went all night long - 9 Catches, 146 yards, TD - the best performance for a receiver this weekend.


On defense, the Broncos were alot more active, swarming the football and keeping the Raiders off the scoreboard fro 3 1/2 quarters.  Playing defense with a big lead is hard to do, and to be sure the final game stats are going to be a bit skewed because of it.  I'll get deeper into the defense tomorrow, but in short I like how the front four played, especially Elvis Dumervil, and I thought the linebackers, after some early over-aggressiveness, played very well.  Jamie Winborn started and went the distance for Boss Bailey, and was flying around the football.  Nate Webster was very solid, and remember I am a Niko guy, and the helmet count stands at one.

Not much more to say than what we witnessed tonight was a dominating performace by the Broncos, on both sides of the ball.  The bigger game is coming up, but for a few minutes savor what we watched and enjoy what looks like will be an exciting 2008.