A new hard hitting safety may have to wait a year.

ESPN is reporting that Tayloy Mayes (S from USC and fan favorite of the MHR) is returning to school for his senior year, in addition, Myron Rolle (S from FSU) has decided to accept a Rhodes Scholarship and attend Oxford this year and will not enter the draft.  What does this mean for Denver, in all likelyhood we will not be drafting a safety with our first pick unless we trade down, and likely means that the 1st pick will be either a DT or my favorite Rey Maualuga MLB from USC as there are no other safeties that probably warrent a top fifteen pick.  This may open the option of drafting a safety in the second round such as Patrick Chung out of Oregon or Nic Harris out of Oklahoma; however, I would expect that the defensive line will likely be addressed in the second round (assuming we land Maualuga) with someone like Sen'Derrick Marks out of Auburn or Evander Hood out of Missouri.  Unfortunately the free agent safety market is somewhat slim with Dawan Landry probably the best free agent available.  On the plus side, we may be able to land both Maualuga this year and Mayes next year, there would be some good building blocks.  Rey-rey_medium



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