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Mile High Report 2009 Mock Draft Database


The latest installment of our shiny collection of 2009 MHR Draft Resources comes to you in the form of THE Mile High Report Mock Draft Database, continually updated with a look at who experts and amateurs alike think the Denver Broncos will be selecting with the #12 pick in the 2009 draft, and including up to date tallies by player and position, showing who is in the lead at any time, and which positions are being favored by analysts.

You'll find each mock draft linked back to their source where you can review how they saw the draft unfolding, their opinion of the possible pick as well as finding interesting data on other players and teams.  You will also find every player listed linked to their MHR Profile Page, where you can research them to your hearts delight, and join in on conversation dedicated to that prospect.

The following link will take you to the dedicated page for the database, so be sure to bookmark it, as the mocks will be routinely updated, and more mocks added!

Total Counts (1/16/09):

By Position
Position #
Inside Linebacker 11
Runningback 7
Defensive Tackle 5
Cornerback 2
Defensive End 1
Outside Linebacker 1
By Player
Position #
Knowshon Moreno(RB) 6
Rey Maualuga (ILB) 6
James Laurinaitis (ILB) 3
BJ Raji (DT) 2
Aaron Maybin (DE) 1
Malcolm Jenkins (CB) 1
Vontae Davis (CB) 1
Chris Wells (RB) 1
Aaron Curry (OLB) 1
Peria Jerry (DT) 1