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The Broncos Coaching Search -- Day 1

In what is likely to become a daily feature here at MileHighReport, here is the latest on the Broncos search for a new Head Coach, their first such search in a very, very long time(16 years by my count since Mike Shanahan was the #1 candidate all along when he was hired in 1995).

Today we'll look at who the Broncos have reached out to so far.  If you want a really in depth look at the candidates, check out Boydy2669's FanPost.

Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo -- Easily the hottest first time coaching prospect, Spags has interest from every team looking to fill a Head Coaching position, from Cleveland, to the Jets to the Lions.  With a Sunday deadline to get him interviewed I see it as a positive sign that both the Broncos and Spags have adjusted their schedules accordingly to get an interview done.

My Take:  Spags would be my #1 choice.  He is defensive minded, has a Super Bowl ring, and knows how to get pressure on the quarterback.  Not only was he effective in coaching big name talent like Micael Strahan, he also got the most out of relative unknowns like Justin Tuck.  Add to that his experience, both with the Giants and in Philadelphia under Jim Johnson and Spags has the experience to make the jump.  Oh, and I LOVE his pressure scheme.  All pressure, all the time.  He nearly became the HC in Wasshington last season but decided to return to the Giants, one reason being the inconsistentcy of the Redskins offense.  In Denver, the offense is in place. 

Buccaneers DC Raheem Morris -- Morris was just promoted to the job of Defensive Coordinator in Tamps after taking over for the departed Monte Kiffin.  Morris seems to be an up and comer in coaching circles and couold possibly take the same route Mie Tomlin of the Steelers followed on his rapid ascention to a Head Coaching job.  Tomlin did have 1 year as a coordinator, however, something Morris has yet to have.  He is an intriguing candidate, however, becuase the word on the street is he is a strong personality in the locker room, someone players gravitate towards.  Couple that with the experience he gained under one of the best coordinators in the game and he seems to have the pedigree.

My Take:  Morris is going to get an interview, and I think the Broncos are serious in him as a candidate.  I think he needs one more year of seasoning, however, and the Broncos will eventually pass. 

Patriots OC Josh McDaniels -- The Broncos will interview McDaniels on the same trip out East thy use to talk to Spagnuolo.  McDaniels is the hot name when it comes to offensive minded coaches.  Many people think McDaniels will be some kind of package deal with Scott Pioli, but a job like Denver's doesn't come around very often, once every decade or so.  With Jay Cutler and a dominating offense in place, McDaniels would have to be tempted should the Broncos offer the job to him.

My Take:  While there is little doubting McDaniels abilities, the Broncos have a young, up-and-coming offensive mind of their own in Jeremy Bates.  Add that to the fact that the defense needs a complete overhaul, and it seems Denver just isn't a match for a first-time, offensively minded coordinator like McDaniels.  A much better fit in Cleveland or Kansas City where the offense is the bigger issue.

Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops -- Every year a couple of college coaches get mentioned in terms of pro job openings.  Stoops, along with Pete Carroll and Kirk Ferentz, get mentioned every year and this year is no exception.  Pat Bowlen is an Oklahoma guy, and Stoops and his staff frequently came down to Denver's training camp to take in the workouts.  If Stoops were ever going to take the jump now would be a good time, with Oklahoma playing for a National Championship and a job like Denver's available.

My Take:  No thanks.  Every year it looks to me like Stoops is more of a college lifer.  There is little doubting his ability, on teh college level.  Too many college coaches have failed for me to feel comfortable with Stoops or any other college coach. 

Those are the names that have officially been linked to the Broncos Wish-List.  Other names just to keep your eyes and ears on -- Jim Fassel, Vikings DC Leslie Frazier, Bill Cowher, Broncos QB Coach Jeremy Bates