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2009 NFL Draft Coverage -- Draftivus Is Here!!



Draftivus is Upon Us!!

Our symbol of perpetual regeneration and the circle of life.

January 24th is a very special day for football fans everywhere, and especially those of you with us here at Mile High Report.  While the date may be recognized by many as the day of the final college football game that will be seen before the draft, it is not just the measure of the Senior Bowl.

It is also the first day of Draftivus. 

Draftivus.  The Draft for the rest of us.  This holiday has been celebrated since the dawn of man, or at least since the advent of the common draft.   It is a celebration of renewal and plentitude.  It is a chance to look to the future, and its hallmarks are insight and optimism.

And MHR is your home for Draftivus.  You have already seen some of the terrific profiles put up by your fellow community members, and you can count on more to come.  You have seen the pages organized for each prospect, where you can turn for research or to impart your own observations.  You have seen the charts detailing draft picks, and you have seen the extensive database where every opinion, large or small, on the Bronco's potential picks can be found.  Now it is time to see the centerpiece.

The MHR 2009 NFL Draft Headquarters is your core link to every piece of MHR draft information that is fit for the web.  Here we will be linking Player Profile pages, links to video, scouting reports and more, Guru's Mock Draft Database, information on the combine, compensatory picks and charts to help track down the Broncos' picks.  There will be information on how to analyze different positions, in depth articles on what makes certain players tick and resources.  As the draft gets ever closer, it will become even more important for the fans to sound off on the prospects.  The only way to make this resource the best it can be is if you guys keep the info coming!  It will be like a "Draftivus Miracle!"

  It's another Draftivus Miracle!!!

And not to be overlooked in all the analysis are the deeply held traditions of Draftivus, including the simple, unadorned, yet truly spiritual aluminum board.  It is at once a blank slate and celebration of the Broncos draftboard, but also a testament to that renewal of spirit and courage that is the draft itself.  And it has an excellent strength to weight ratio.

There will also be the standard Airing of Grievances, a chance to look at drafts past and present, where every Grievance carries with it a lesson to be applied to the future of the team.  And when the Grievances have been aired, it will be time for the Feats of Strength, as we line the prospects up and compare every element of them that we can in search of true Broncos Warriors.

Take note of the widget to the left. You will find this widget cropping up around MHR as an instant link to the draft coverage, in addition to the main page. You will also see that this widget can be found by scrolling down about halfway on the right sidebar of the main page.

Whether you navigate through the draft coverage by bookmarking the 2009 MHR Draft Coverage page, or by referring to the handy widget here, you can be sure that no stone will be left unturned in trying to provide the Holiday Fixings that you have come to love at MHR.  Enjoy yourselves Broncos fans and have fun with Draftivus.



Celebrate oh ye faithful!!  For Draftivus is upon us!



 Welcome to the core link for all of your draft coverage here on Mile High Report.  You will want to bookmark this page, as all changes to the draft information will be ultimately reflected here.  (Note that unhighlighted entries are resources that are in the works, but have not yet been completed.)  The page is divided into four primary sections:

MHR Profile Pages:  This section contains a table linking to every player who currently has an up to date profile on MHR.  Check back frequently as new players will be added regularly, and old players will be updated, and only special cases will be considered for announcement on the front page.

MHR Draft Resources:  Here you will be able to find the draft order charts, value charts, and any other relevant tables or tools as they are created.  You will also find articles on the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, as well as breakdowns of combine numbers and looks at compensatory picks and more.

MHR Scouting Services:  Here you will find information on what to look for in analyzing each of the positions in the draft, including an overview of how to look at ALL positions in general.  Also included are articles describing methods for getting involved in prospect analysis yourself, from where to find the information online to how to keep it all organized.

2009 Draft Coverage:  This header section will contain anything that doesn't fit neatly into any of the groups lined out above.

Enjoy, and Happy Draftivus!!



(alphabetically listed) 

Player Profiles
Player Name Position School
Brace, Ron DT Boston College
Curry, Aaron  OLB Wake Forest
Cushing, Brian OLB USC
Davis, Vontae CB Illinois
Greene Shonn  RB Iowa
Hill, PJ  RB Wisconsin
Hill, Sammie Lee DT Stillman College
Jenkins, Malcolm  CB Ohio State
Jerry, Peria  DT Mississippi
Laurinaitis, James ILB Ohio State
Maualuga, Rey ILB USC
Maybin, Aaron  OLB/DE Penn State
Moore, William FS Missouri
Moreno, Knowshon  RB Georgia
Raji, B.J.  DT Boston College
Wells, Chris  RB Ohio State





 The MHR Draft Order Chart.  This link takes you to the up to date order of all the picks in the NFL draft, including all traded picks and compensatory picks (when they are officially announced at the owner's meetings in March).  Every pick is numbered and all trades have been indexed so you can quickly refer to the included breakdown of the terms of each trade.

Draft Pick Point Value Chart : No draftnik should be without this standardized chart plotting out the approximate value of picks in order to quantify their dream trade scenarios.

 The MHR Mock Draft Database:  Find out what all the experts and amateurs alike think about the Broncos' choice at #12.  Includes updated tallies compiling total number of choices by player and by position.  Links to all available Mocks.

Combine Primer:  A yearly look at the history of the combine, and a detailed breakdown of the tests they administer.

Using Combine Data:   Ever wonder what good all those numbers are in evaluating a prospect?  Think that nothing good can come of evaluating a pro prospect by watching him jog in his shorts?  Think again.  This article is a look at the numbers in a way that has a great track record for predicting greatness at the next level.

Understanding Compensatory Picks:  Let's be real, you may never understand exactly how they are disbursed, but it is possible to be up to 90% correct in evaluating who gets what, and we'll show you how.



Getting Organized:  A general purpose article that talks about the importance of organization when it comes to breaking down prospects in a meaningful way.  Whether you like to fill out a list of 300 players, or only want to find the time to analyze the top handful of nosetackles, getting organized is a critical first step.

Getting Set Up:   A slightly more specific article that breaks down how to set up a good database and track prospects.  Applies just as well to the top 100 prospects in the nation as it does to keeping track of your favorite players, even the pros!

Torrents:  A specific look at easily the best way to look at talent online.  Torrents are available to everyone, contain actual game footage and not just highlights, are comprehensive, covering almost every team and player  and they are free!  You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Analyzing Prospects and building a Scouting Report:  A look at the general categories and breakdowns that can be followed in looking at football talent.

Analyzing Prospects Defensive Line:  An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects Linebackers:   An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects Defensive Backs:   An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects Special Teams:   An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects Tight Ends:   An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects Running Backs:   An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects Wide Receivers:   An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects  Quarterbacks:   An extension of MHR University.

Analyzing Prospects Offensive Line :   An extension of MHR University.

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