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The Greatest Broncos Of All Time....By The Numbers -- #2


The Candidates -

Steve Lindsey K 2000
Will Furrer QB 1994
Mike Horan P 1986-92
Joe DiVito QB 1968
Bob Humphreys K 1967-68
Cookie Gilchrist FB 1965

The Greatest Bronco To Ever Wear #2 -

Mike Horan, P - 1986-1992

While the name Mike Horan my not get you as excited as some of the other names on the list, he did play in 3 Super Bowls for the Broncos, and actually ended up winning a Super Bowl as part of the Rams' Super Bowl XXXIV victory over the Titans.

While with the Broncos, Horan went to the Pro Bowl in 1988 and was consistently at the top of the AFC and NFL in both Gross and Net punting average. 

After spending his college days at Long Beach St., Horan was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.  He was released and spent his first two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles before coming to Denver.  Overall, Horan spent 16 seasons in the NFL, playing for 5 different teams.  In 1993, Horan enjoyed his best season, punting to a net average of 39.9 yard per kick, good for 5th best all-time.

For his career, Horan punted the ball over 1000 times(1003) for over 42,000 yards, ending with a gross average of 42.2 yards per kick.