Prepare ourselves for disappointment

So, I heard this morning on M&M (Mike and Mike in the Morning) that they interviewed John Clayton and that J-Clay, a hof voter, claims that the voters were voting on Shannon Sharpe as a WR, not a TE.   And that if that's the case, his chances are greatly diminished to make it in this year due to Chris Carter and Andre Reed having better overall numbers than Shannon.



Right!  This makes absolutely no sense or logic whatsoever... except to further our evidence of the "Anti-Bronco Bias" that has been an hallmark of the hof voters for so many years.  Shannon was not a WR, he was a TE, what's so difficult about that?!  And oh btw, he was a TE that helped revolutionize the position to what it is today and retired owning almost every major receiving record ... by a TE.  Even if these voters are looking at him as a WR, how about his 1 statistic to weigh in with the rest of the individual numbers: 3 Superbowl Rings.

To M&M's credit, they also think this makes no sense, and that Shannon should get definitely get in, if not this year, then at the very least sometime in the very near future.

In any case, let's hope this will not be the case and Shannon gets his well-deserved first-ballot honor.

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