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Straight from the Horse's Mouth -- Raheem Morris Scouting Report


When looking for thoughts and opinions on candidates for the Broncos Head Coaching vacancy I thought there would be no place better to go than right to people that might know these guys the best, the bloggers who cover these teams as we doo the Broncos.

Up next is our friend JScott from Buc 'Em.  He obviously covers the Tamp Bay Buccaneers and I asked him his thoughts on Raheem Morris in regards to his prospects as a Head Coach and especially if he would be a fit to run the Denver Broncos.  Here is what he had to say...

It's hard to say if he's ready for our Defensive Coordinating job, much less another team's Head Coaching position. I can say this: we are crossing our collective fingers that the Broncos pass on him. With Monte Kiffin leaving, Raheem Morris is essentially the only link to the 'Tampa 2' Defense this fan base has come to know and love.

In terms of Morris, he has the players respect and once he was named the Defensive Coordinator (prior to the Oakland Raiders debacle) he had the defense coming out resurgent. You could tell they wanted to play for him. Too bad the offense could careless. Staying on topic, I think Raheem would be a great D Coordinator, but as a Head Coach I couldn't vouch for that. He's way to young. He has had success wherever he's gone. He joined the Bucs staff in '02 and won a Superbowl. In '04 he was given the Defensive Backs job, his unit was tenacious on the field and was known for making the hard hit and never giving up the big play.

Morris left after two years to be Kansas State's Defensive Coordinator. I hear he helped their defense immediately. In his absence the Defensive backs, namely Jermaine Phillips, appeared to take a step back (as did the team's record from 11-5 to 4-12). Phillips and company weren't as disciplined on the field and largely seemed unfocused. Raheem returned the following year and so did the DB's play.

It's hard to know who truly has say on player personnel, but I'd like to think Raheem has say on who he's coached and if that's the case than the guy is a superb talent evaluator as Tanard Jackson, Aqib Talib, and Sabby Piscitelli have been good to great additions.

Again though, Morris as a Head Coach to me is a bit of a stretch. He's truly a Defensive Backs Coach, he's yet to take the reigns on the entire unit outside of one season in College football. I don't see the Broncos taking a chance on a guy like that to replace Mike Shanahan. Unless your franchise is ready to overhaul completely and grow with a coach who is unbelievably young in coaching accumine and experience than I wouldnt vouch for him as your next Head Coach. Defensive Coordinator? Sure, but not a Head Coach. Just dealing with the media would be a huge task nevermind the actual rigors of being 'The Guy'...

Our thanks to JScott for his honest opinion of Mr. Morris.  The Broncos are scheduled to talk to Morris on Wednesday in Denver.