Rick Dennison - Head Coach

I posted this two years ago during the last HC search. Looks like it may be relevant again.


Pop quiz - out of all the head coach candidates mentioned, who is the only one with experience on defense, special teams, offense, and with longstanding ties to the organization?

Yesterday I gave a short description of why I thought RD might be considered for the HC position (many others also suggested this). Then this morning the DP reports that he will be interviewed on Monday. Here's why I think MHR should give Mr. Dennison some love.


After attending HS at Rocky Mountain in Fort Collins, RD played TE at CSU while earning his degree in Civil Engineering. No fluff course there to pad his eligibility. After earning his MS in Engineering RD was signed by the Broncos as a FA. A special teams standout he converted to linebacker. In 1984, his first year as a starter, he had 164 tackles and 3 sacks. He continued to be among the team leaders in tackles throughout his career at linebacker, while playing with Bronco legends Randy Gradishar, Tom Jackson, Dennis Smith, Steve Atwater, Karl Meklenberg and Rulon Jones.

After a stint as a HS coach RD joined the Broncos as an offensive QC specialist in 1995. In 1997 he was promoted to STs coach. Under RD the Broncos consistently were leaders in both average drive start and average opponent stating position. The Broncos were also leaders in punting return average, net punting average and several other ST statistics.

In 2000 RD was made O-line coach after Alex Gibbs left. While AG was the architect of the zone blocking scheme, it was under RD that the Broncos earned the reputation for , "insert running back gain 1000 yds." Year after year RD's O-line paved the way for new RBs to gain 1000 yds.

RD was promoted to OC for the 2006 season. Despite the lack of a feature back, and featuring a rookie QB, RD's offense continued to pound opposing defenses and lead the league in numerous offensive categories.


  1. Would work well with Goodmans/Xander - RD already has a good working relationship with them;
  2. Continue tradition of ZB/1-cut running - a reasonable arguement could be made, based on the development of the Ryans that the student (RD) has surpassed the master (AG);
  3. Strong special teams backgound - STs were a strenght when RD was coaching them and they have been a weakness ever since;
  4. Strong defensive background - while he hasn't coached defense RD played LB for 8 years under Joe Collier and Wade Phillips; not the best athlete on the field he excelled based on his intelligence and understanding of the game;
  5. Knowledge of winning - as a player for the Broncos teams that lost SBs and a coach on the teams that won, RD knows what it takes to make it to the next level and knows the frustration of falling short.
  6. Good with young players - note the development of the Ryans;
  7. Deep ties to the organization - RD bleeds blue and orange, it's the only franchise he's worked for.;
  8. Ability - RD has been an overachiever throughout his career; whether as a TE converted to LB, a defensive player coaching offense, or a STs coach he gets the job done.


  1. No experience as NFL HC - but then again none of the candidates do.
  2. Not a defensive expert - as HC he would need to find a damn good DC, a Gregg Williams or such, but as a former LB he should be able to recognize a good DC;
  3. Lacks sex appeal - despite his deep ties to the organization he probably isn't the guy who would get the fans excited;
  4. Maybe too entrenched in status quo - would DC bring the deep fundamental changes necessary to return the Broncos to the elite level or would it be more of the same?

So, MHR are the real experts on the Broncos. What do you, the real experts, think about RD as HC?

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