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REPORT - Josh McDaniels the 'Front-Runner' to replace Shanahan?

Adam Schefter is reporting that while the Broncos highly impressed with Giants D.C. Steve Spagnuolo, the front-runner for the job just might be Patriots O.C. Josh McDaniels.

From the report --

For starters, McDaniels is at the stage in his career now that Dan Reeves was when the Broncos made him the youngest head coach back in 1981. Owner Pat Bowlen bought the team in 1984 and stayed with Reeves for nearly a decade.

When Bowlen later hired Shanahan in 1995 (after a two-year stint with defensive-minded Wade Phillips), the owner once again was drawn to the coach's youth and offensive imagination.

And, at 32, McDaniels would bring Bowlen the same attributes his two primary coaching hires have. Plus, as the Patriots' play-caller and offensive mastermind with defensive-minded head coach Bill Belichick, McDaniels got the most out of quarterback Matt Cassel. Just imagine what McDaniels could do with Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler.

Denver still will go through an exhaustive interview process. But league insiders believe McDaniels is the coach to beat.

I just cannot see the sense in that.  The Broncos already have a young, bright, up and coming offensive mind in Jeremy Bates.  Oh, and the Broncos already have a Top-3 offense as well.  It is the defense that needs work and until I hear what some of these offensive minds would do on defense I will hold firm with my preference of a defensive-minded Head Coach.

The report, which was posted to Schefter's blog also smells of complete speculation.  The Broncos are being tight-lipped about the search and I doubt anything is really being leaked from Bowlen or Ellis in this matter.

Hat-tip to CombatChuk for the FanPost