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Horse Tracks 10/11/09 - Broncos host Patriots and celebrate AFL's 50th Anniversary

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Fun fact of the day: The 2009 Broncos have allowed 26 points through 4 games. The 2008 Broncos gave up 28 points in the second half of their season finale in San Diego.

DB - Matchup: Broncos vs. Patriots - Broncos TV
Video footage from Friday's drumline is a CANNOT MISS.

LTC - Broncos celebrating their past - Brian Howell

DPP - A pivotal player in Wiegmann's life - Lindsay Jones

DPP - Kiszla: Time to embrace Orton as one of us
"After managing to win the four games he has started for Denver, Orton owns a higher passer rating than Philip Rivers or Tony Romo, yet Orton still gets bashed on fan websites dedicated to the team, such as, where a review fresh off Denver's win against Dallas griped: "Right now, I feel like I'm watching a time bomb. No picks yet, but a five-interception game is right around the corner. . . . Bottom line is I don't trust him."

CSG - Some words from your 50th anniversary Broncos - Frank Schwab

DPP - Patriots-Broncos game will provide a fascinating study - Mike Klis
"But I was always into what Bill was doing, what he had to take care of, as much as I could see. There was plenty I couldn't see. But the things I could watch him do — how he handled the staff meeting, how he planned practice, how he ran training camp, how he handled the players, what he did at halftime, what he did on a Monday after a loss, how he handled a win, all of those things, if you pay attention and note them in your head and take notes, they can teach you an extraordinary amount of what it's about to be a head coach."

FOX - Broncos' McDaniels is more than a Belichick disciple - Alex Marvez

DP - Busy day ahead for the fans of Denver teams - John Ingold

DP - RTD adds services for games - Jeffrey Leib

DB - A Closer Look: New England Patriots - Gray Caldwell

DPP - Klis: Great record beats great offense any day - Mike Klis

CSG - Patriot at Broncos: 3 things to watch; anniversary Top 10 - Frank Schwab

DPP - Ex-Bronco transforming the game plan - Terry Frei
Former Broncos LT Matt Lepsis is working toward a master's in theology down in the Dallas area.

SN - McDaniels undefeated but now gets mentor Belichick - Clifton Brown

SN - Can McDaniels, Broncos, make Pats next victims?

NFLTA - Patriots-Broncos matchup - Video

Patriots News

BG - Air of confidence - Theresa Smith

BG - Thrill of the chase recalled by Patriots tight end Watson - Michael Vega

BG - Bronco bustin' - Jim McBride

BG - On defense, things stacking up much better for Denver - Michael Vega

BH - In high-stakes game, Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels loathe to reveal hands - Karen Guregian

BH - Jerod Mayo back in mix - Ian Rapoport

BH - The five biggest determining factors today - Ian Rapoport

BH - The sack exchange - Nate Dow

AFC West News

Y! - Hanson: My life was threatened by Cable - Mike Silver

NYT - Raiders - Committed to Excellence, Doomed to Losing - Joe LaPointe

SFC - Offensive line has new problem - David White

SFC - Denver's McDaniels might be a better version of Belichick - David White

OT - Oakland Raiders assistant Hanson says Cable could have killed him

KCS - Chiefs’ losing ways rival the ’70s Buccaneers - Kent Babb

KCS - Scouting report | Dallas at Kansas City - Adam Teicher

SDUT - A disappearing defensive act - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Attorney leads pursuit in Escondido - Matthew Hall

NFL News

NFL - Cowboys won't have injured WR Williams, RB Jones vs. Chiefs

NFL - Jets called 49ers about possibly trading for Crabtree

NFL Opinion

NFP - Sunday at the Post - Mike Lombardi
"Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall is a one-man wrecking crew. Who covers him is important, but they better be able to tackle him as well."

ESPN - 10 Spot: Manning better than ever - Adam Schefter
"I tell you what, just being under Josh McDaniels for a few months now, I mean he's a guy that is going to have you as prepared as you can be for a game, and that's something that throughout my 11 years I haven't had a lot of," Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey said. "I've had some great coaches, including [Mike] Shanahan, but [McDaniels] is definitely one-of-a-kind in the way that he approaches the game."

SI - Week 5 Viewer's Guide: What to watch in Falcons-Niners, more - Ross Tucker

SN - Week 5: Ten Bold Predictions - RealScouts
"Look for Tom Brady to beat the blitz package with plenty of quick reads to Welker and tight end Benjamin Watson."

NFP - Weekend Notes: Bailey vs. Moss - Matt Bowen