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Horse Tracks 10/13/09 - It's Chargers Week. There will be no letdown.

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These are not the Broncos of recent years. Bill Belichick's teams do not have letdown games, and certainly not against divisional arch rivals. They lose games occasionally, but it's not because they overlook their opponents. Josh McDaniels and Brian Dawkins will not allow this team to take the Dolts lightly; besides, there is plenty of motivational material on film. The Broncos may have upset the Pats on Sunday, but they did so with plenty of room for improvement; they must stop putting the ball on the ground and clean up special teams. Philip Rivers is 5-1 versus Denver (and should be 6-0, thanks to Hochuli). Which brings us to today's fun fact of the day - the 2008 Broncos allowed 52 points to the Dolts in closing out the season. The 2009 Denver Broncos have allowed 43 points in FIVE GAMES.

DB - Week 6 - Mon: McDaniels - Broncos TV

CHFF - All hail the Horseshoe
Cold Hard Football Facts loves Kyle Orton. Fascinating read. Thanks to Bear for the link.

DPP - Broncos' game at San Diego could be difference maker - Jeff Legwold
Pat Bowlen has added the hoodie to his wardrobe...where are the pictures?!?!?!

DPP - Broncos' receivers rediscover 2008 form - Lindsay Jones

DPP - Analysis: Broncos need to polish special teams - Jeff Legwold
"They are tied for last in the NFL, with the winless Rams, for average drive start after a kickoff (21.6-yard line) and they fumbled away one kickoff when Peyton Hillis committed a turnover on the opening kickoff against Cleveland."

NFLFH - Broncos' Talented Eddie Royal Slowly Adjusting to New Role - Thomas George
This is why Rod Smith is the man - "It's like a worker who one day walked into Microsoft and the next day walked into Mac -- the whole building and attitude and philosophy and structure have changed with Josh." Said D.J. Williams, "We have fewer players worrying about making the Pro Bowl and getting individual honors and more guys putting the team first." Thanks to Elizabeth for the link!

CBS4 - Elway Likes McDaniels' Style On The Sidelines - Matthew Buettner
"He just keeps going to the right guys, putting the ball on the money, and doing the right things, which wins football games," Elway said. "He outplayed Brady yesterday in his system and was just doing some great, great things."

DB - Confident While Committed - Zach Eisendrath
"Those guys fight for each other," Rod Smith said. "Talking to some of the players, they said, ‘The one thing I love about our team is that it’s unselfish.’ Everybody on this team is really thinking about the guy next to them, and they’re making some things happen."

CBS4 - Broncos' Chris Simms Encourages Blood Donation - Libby Smith

CSG - Celebration shows McDaniels' strength - Frank Schwab

CSG - Coach gives Broncos day off for hard-working win - Frank Schwab

DPP - Breakdown: Pats fail to adjust - Jeff Legwold

DPP - Q&A: Broncos prefer to wear throwback jerseys only twice - Jeff Legwold

DPP - Spotlight on: Broncos tight end Daniel Graham - Lindsay Jones

DP - Broncos now in fast company - Jeff Legwold

AP - Knowshon Moreno Overcomes Fumble With A Few Fine Runs - Eddie Pells

DPP - Former CB Crockett impressed with current team - Mike Klis
"That is probably about as poor as you can play in the kicking game and win a game in the National Football League," McDaniels said. "It was disappointing. Our special teams have been a strength of ours so far this season and certainly weren't yesterday."

DB - Ask Champ Bailey...

KDVR - Chris Tanaka: I was wrong about the Broncos

ESPN - Tedy Bruschi's thoughts on the New England Patriots' Week 5 loss to the Denver Broncos

WEEI - Upon Further Review: A look back at Pats-Broncos - Christopher Price

ESPN - Will Denver's fast start reflect poorly on Shanahan? - Bill Williamson Bob Slowik still attached to Shanny's hip? Would YOU hire Mike Shanahan and allow him to bring Bob Slowik along as his DC?

LTC - Mile High five - Brian Howell

LTC - McDaniels can’t hide glee over beating former team

INDT - Drew Litton: Belichick gets schooled

DH - Orton gets my respect, but come on - Mike Imrem
What's that smell?!?! Sour grapes???

AFC West News

DPP - Broncos primer: The San Diego Chargers - Lindsay Jones

NCT - By any color, Chargers face a must-win game - Jay Paris

SDUT - Chargers feel urgency of Monday's game - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Chargers' real problems aren't Norv or A.J. - Nick Canepa
Mmm Hmm. That's because A.J. is always good for a quote...

KCS - Running game with LJ has ground to a halt - Adam Teicher

SFC - RAIDERS MELTDOWN / From Week 5 to futility - Ray Ratto

OT - Inman: Cable issue is at hand

NFL Results

NFL - New York Jets 27 at Miami Dolphins 31

NFL News

NFL - On second thought, 49ers CB Bly sorry for his showboating
What a clown. Anyone wonder why the 2007 and 2008 Broncos' defenses were so bad?!?! No, I know Bly wasn't a bad player for the Broncos. But with that attitude? That garbage can bring a whole team down...

NFL - Bills coach Jauron feeling pressure as injuries, losses mount

NFL - Titans CB Harper sidelined up to six weeks with broken right forearm

NFL - Concussions could end season for Niners' Lewis, Ulbrich

NFL - Niners release veteran Rossum to make room for rookie Crabtree

NFL - NFL opens probe into Browns rookie Davis' season-ending injury

NFL - Veteran OT Tauscher returns to Packers, who need help on line

NFL Opinion

USAT - Replay: McDaniels' Marshall plan bearing fruit for Broncos - Jarett Bell

CBS - Prisco Grades: Week 5
"Still doubting the Denver Broncos? Not anymore. Still questioning Josh McDaniels? Not now. You can't doubt them anymore like I have. I'm done. "

Y! - Love affair for Falcons' Ryan is growing - Mike Silver
"We won’t drink the kool aid!!!!" – Text Sunday evening from Broncos defensive tackle Vonnie Holliday, resisting the hype that will intensify after Sunday’s victory over the Patriots

NFL - Lopsided results show huge disparity between best and worst teams - Mike Lombardi

NFP - Tavern talk: A win for Vikki Zimmer - Mike Lombardi
"Knowshon Moreno is tough to tackle, and he made more yards after contact Sunday. "

NFP - Diner morning news: Trades are coming - Mike Lombardi

NFL - Six from Sunday: With four teams still winless, 0-16 is a possibility - Pat Kirwan
Kirwan thinks it was unfair the Pats didn't get the ball in OT. Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Y! - Jets assistant battled through cancer, leg ailments - Jason Cole

NFP - Is this Favre’s best team yet? - Matt Bowen

NFP - Three No. 1s, many millions spent - Andrew Brandt
"Josh McDaniels wanted Orton more than he wanted Jay Cutler, Jason Campbell or anyone else who was offered to him for Cutler."

NFP - Scout’s notebook: offensive review - Wes Bunting