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Horse Tracks 10/17/09 - Buckhalter and Jordan to play Monday; Savannah State to retire Sharpe's Number

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DPP - Q&A: Broncos' Orton takes off glove, and his passes take off - Jeff Legwold
"Orton's teammates consider him to be a tough, smart guy who spends a lot of time at the Broncos facility - taking more preparation time, the players say, than Jay Cutler or Jake Plummer did."

DPP - Broncos' bridge too far is 3rd- and 4th-and one - Lindsay Jones
"We've had a lot of different reasons why we weren't successful on the few short yardage situations we've missed, and we're going to work hard to try to fix that," McDaniels said.

DB - More Than Meets the Eye - Gray Caldwell
Despite what Woody says, coaches and veteran players are impressed with Robert Ayers, his attitude, work ethic and contributions on game day. "You try to contribute when you can and make the plays that come to you instead of going out of your way to make plays, because that's when you mess up the team scheme," Ayers said.

DB - Leadership On Multiple Fronts - Chris Gentilviso

DB - Week 6 - Fri: McDaniels - Broncos TV

AP - Shannon Sharpe's (College) Number To Be Retired - Jonathan Landrum

DB - A Few Minutes With Champ Bailey - Broncos TV

LTC - Orton’s confidence growing with Broncos - Brian Howell

CSG - Broncos DE all jazzed up about aerobics - Frank Schwab

CSG - Broncos motivated against San Diego nemesis - Frank Schwab

DPP - Analysis: Broncos' "D" fantastic with four rushers - Jeff Legwold

DPP - Video review: Playoff zeal expected in S.D. - Jeff Legwold

DB - Savoring the Single Week - Jim Saccomano

DP - Armstrong: Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has great "D" Jay Cutler would have killed for
Lots of drivel...

AFC West News

SDUT - Orton says he's thrilled with Broncos - Tod Leonard

SDUT - Believe it: O-line showing improvement - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Blackout lifted for Monday's game - Jay Posner

ESPN - Final Word: AFC West - Bill Williamson

KCS - Cassel comfortable in hurry-up offense - Adam Teicher

KCS - Chiefs notebook: Albert not ruled out for Sunday’s game - Kent Babb

SFC - Hanson looking for lie-detector showdown - David White

SFC - Giants noticed Raiders' lack of emotion - David White

OT - Eagles ready to dog it against Raiders - Steve Corkran

NFL News

NFL - Ravens' Lewis fined $25K two infractions, including hit on Ochocinco

NFL - Mendenhall returns from illness, expected to start over Parker

NFL - Bucs trade former first-round pick Adams to Bears for draft pick
Wow. When is the Bears' first draft pick next year? The 4th round? Holy smokes...

NFL - Ochocinco, sponsor help keep sellout streak alive, avoid blackout

NFL - Roethlisberger seeking unspecified counter damages from accuser

NFL - Goodell, Smith will testify at hearing on head injuries among players

NFL Opinion

FOX - Bad protection, big production for Pack's Rodgers - Kevin Hench
"Orton was hit squarely below the knees against the Patriots and there was no call. Then again, Orton didn't turn to the ref with his palms up and plead for the flag."

NFL - Undefeated teams more a product of league's weak links - Jason La Canfora
"It's funny, because a few weeks back we all were asking whether or not Denver was for real -- myself included -- but by virtue of their early schedule the Broncos have actually faced the toughest road." La Canfora goes on to show he knows practically nothing about the Broncos by writing, "Nolan inherited a team that ranked dead last in many defensive areas, very little was done to change the roster on his side of the ball, yet now they rank first in many statistical categories." Dawkins, Hill, Goodman, A. Smith, Bruton, McBath, Davis, Ayers, Holliday, Reid, Fields, etc. Yes, very little was done to change the defensive roster...

NFL - Modern-day 'big three' gives Falcons chance at ultimate success - Steve Wyche

NFL - It may be same old situation for teams seeking turnaround - Pat Kirwan

Y! - Jackson not clamoring to escape losing Rams - Mike Silver

SI - Rush Limbaugh was business liability to group trying to buy Rams - Jack McCallum

NFP - Double-dipping can be a good thing - Andrew Brandt

NFP - Diner morning news: Too many problems in Big D - Mike Lombardi

SI - What to watch in NFL Week 6, including Giants vs. Saints - Ross Tucker

SI - Eli Manning returns to New Orleans, Ray Lewis faces Brett Favre - Peter King

CBS - Peek at the Week: Saints seek Super status, Ravens require redemption - Clark Judge

SN - Week 6: Ten Bold Predictions - RealScouts
4. Chargers D will outplay Broncos D - "the Broncos safeties could be exposed by TE Antonio Gates, who is a dangerous threat on the seam, and the height advantage enjoyed by the Chargers receivers could yield some big plays downfield in this one."

ESPN - Bill Simmons Week 6 NFL matchups on and off the field
"Josh McDaniels & Mike Nolan (-10) over NORV TURNER & RON RIVERA 'Nuff said. "

ESPN - John Clayton breaks down the biggest NFL games of Week 6

ESPN- NFL Picks and Predictions for Week 6