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Keep on Keepin' On - Denver Broncos Find A Way to 6-0

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Category Broncos Chargers
Score 34 23
Rushing Yards
101 73
Passing Yards
227 238
Total Yards 328 311
T.O.P 30:43 29:17
0 1


The Denver Broncos are 6-0.  How damn good does that sound? The Broncos once again found a way to shake of a fast start by their opponent to outlast the San Diego Chargers 34-23.  Make no mistake, the San Diego Chargers came out to win this game.  They had the confidence of 3-year of domination over the Broncos, especially in their building, behind them.  This, however, is a different Denver Broncos team, one that plays better as a game goes on, one that knows how to get to the quarterback, a team that knows how to finish.

There will be much, much more about the game.  Talk about it here, Broncos fans, you are now 6-0!

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