Bring Back The Orange Jerseys

This started out as a comment in response to a NYCBronx post where he suggested that the Broncos "Bring back the Orange Jerseys." It ran a little long, so I decided to make it into a post.

So you want the Orange Jerseys back? It is not as simple as you may think. You can't just wish it to happen. A mere phone call or letter to Pat Bowlen simply won't suffice. It will take a plan.

According to the 2002 Resolution G-3 to the CBA, they Amended Article 19.9(D)(1)to read:

(D) No club shall have the right to make changes in its club colors and/or in the designs of its team helmets or uniforms except in accordance with the following provisions:
(1)If a club desires to make changes in club colors, designs of team helmets, design of team uniforms, trademarks, or trade names, it must give written notice and details thereof to the League on or before March 1st of the year prior to the year in which it wishes to change; and further must obtain approval from the League pursuant to the Section 19.9(D)(2) herein by December 1st of the year prior to the year in which it wishes to change; otherwise it shall have no right to make any change for the succeeding season.

In other words, the Broncos would have to declare the Orange Jerseys as their Home Jerseys, with the Blue Jerseys designated as the 3rd uniform design. They would have to notify the League so that Reebok could alter their demand issues on Jersey sales, because that is part of the agreement they have with the NFL.

Article 19 goes on further about Team Colors, Throwback Uniforms, 3rd uniform usage, etc.

It goes on to say:

Be it Further Resolved, that a Club may not change its regular home and away uniforms more than once every 5 NFL seasons, and may not change its 3rd uniform design more than once every 5 NFL seasons, absent specific extenuating circumstances(e.g., Club ownership change or relocation) as determined by the Commissioner.

So to change the predominant color of the Home Jerseys back to Orange, the Broncos need to:

1) Provide written notice and details of any changes in uniform to the League office by March 1st of the year prior to the year that the change will take place.

2) Have the uniform color selection and logo design completed, with club owner and chief executive approval by July 1st of the year prior.

3) Have the first uniform samples created (Club owner,equipment manager and Chief executive should have approved designs for first samples by August 1st of the year prior.

4) Have the Final uniform samples provided to the League office for approval-final TV test and approvals from Club owner, equipment manager and Chief executive should also be forwarded by November 1st of the year prior.

and finally:
5) Get the League office's final approval by December 1st of the year prior.

*Note: If the final samples do not arrive in the League offices by November 1st of the year preceding the season in which the change is occurring the uniform will not be approved.

So you see, getting the Orange Jerseys back is not a simple thing. I don't know for a fact the last year of the Orange Jerseys being the predominant Home Jersey, but there was a uniform change near the Super Bowl winning years (if I'm not mistaken). In any case, plenty of time has elapsed to cover the 5 year rule.

I would suggest sending a petition to Mr. Bowlen to put the wheels in motion. That way, it would be possible to make this happen for the 2011 season. However, Pat may be preoccupied with the upcoming CBA battle that is becoming closer to a problem then any of us can do a thing about.

I Love the Orange Jerseys, and I would Love it if they were brought back. They are as much a part of the Broncos as the Mile High Mystique and the devastating Rocky Mountain Thunder of crowd noise at the old Mile High Stadium. The 2009 Broncos are making a return to the rich winning history, so it is only fitting they return the "Winning" Orange Jerseys too.

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