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NFL drops the 'Fine-Hammer' on Broncos/Cowboys

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I guess NFL Charities is hurting for cash.  Why else would the NFL fine just about every penalty called during Sunday's game against the Cowboys

Broncos OT Ryan Clady, Cowboy's DE Anthony Spencer and 'Boys NT Jay Ratliffe were hit with fines.

From Jeff Legwold and the DP's Broncos Blog -

Broncos tackle Ryan Clady, who was fined for a chop block earlier this season, was fined $5,000 this week for un-necessary roughness during Sunday’s win over the Cowboys.

The league said Clady un-necessarily kicked an opponent during a pass play. Clady was flagged for a tripping penalty in the game.

Also, Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff was fined $7,500 for roughing Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton in the fourth quarter. Ratliff made helmet-to-helmet contact on the play.

Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer was also fined from the game for grabbing Orton’s facemask.

All three will have a little-smaller paychecks this month, courtesy of Uncle Roger.