Broncos Country For Sale?

Editor's Note - Since I live 1300 miles away, I always appreciate hearing from the Season Ticket holders.  Especially after last night when it seemed there were so many Steelers' fans at the game.  Welcome to MHR and thanks for the post - Guru

Good morning.  First time poster here.  I have been enjoying MHR since preseason as a reader and want to give the usual first poster shout out to everyone here for increasing my Broncos and general football IQ by a factor of 10+ over the last few months.  Excellent work everyone.  I am not going to try to compete with that, and instead want to focus on the fans for a moment.

Let me start with a story from last nights game.  I am a season ticket holder and have been bringing my three year old son to the games since he was a bump in my wife's belly.  He may not understand what is going on much (or most) of the time, but he loves going to the games.  Yesterday, his daycare teacher had to reprimand him for disrupting art time when he kept chanting 'Eddie, Eddie, Eddie...'  (Picked that up from his Dad.  I'm so proud)  Last night I had to stop him from clapping very enthusiastically during the game, pointing out that our quarterback getting sacked was NOT a good thing.  Of course his confusion was justified seeing as we were greatly outnumbered and the majority of fans around us were wearing black and yellow and cheering enthusiastically.  Nor was this limited to our area.   As I looked around the stadium I noted that almost every section had a significant Steeler presence.  The one exception was the south stands.  I estimate 1/6th of the stadium was fans for the opposing team.

First off, let me applaud the Pittsburgh fans.  I am impressed with your passion and the effort you put into supporting your team.  You came out into a 'hostile' environment and did yourselves proud.  Every Steeler fan I was around was respectful and well behaved. 

Now for the Broncos 'fans' that seem to have decided that being a citizen of Broncos Country is an opportunity for capital gain rather than an opportunity to support the team that you supposedly love, a big BOO, HISSS! 

This team deserves to be able to come into Mile High (it will never be Invesco to me) and feel like they are playing a home game!  Last night, I felt like I was a vistor in my own home. 

The only time I felt like the Broncos fans took control of the stadium was right after the touchdown.  Briefly, the orange pom-poms (handed out free) outnumbered the terrible towels (brought by the Steeler fans).  The rest of the time it was predominantly black and yellow.

I would not be posting this if it was isolated to last night, but the sad reality is that this has been a growing problem extending back to last season.  I understand that single games tickets can be bought by anyone,  I understand the need to occasionally sell season tickets and that you can't always control who gets them.  And I can understand that a Monday night game may be more challenging than a Sunday day game.  Believe me, I have a three year old, I understand.  But I cannot get over the sheer volume of tickets that are making their way into the hands of fans of the opposing team.  Game after game after game, Broncos Country is slipping away.

Am I just out of touch?  Is this happening at other stadiums?  Is there nothing the Broncos organization can do?

Every year the Broncos organization touts how it consistently sells out the stadium and reminds season ticket holders that they are not to be regularly scalping tickets and that if they determine this is going on then they reserve the right to suspend the season ticket holder's tickets.  Based purely on my observations and without any real proof, I can unequivocally say that this is going on.  Now I know that it would be very hard for the organization to track this down and enforce, but is it too much to ask that they try?

Sorry about the long ramble, but I just needed to get that out of my system.

GO Broncos!

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