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Horse Tracks 11/11/09 - Ryan Harris likely to miss Sunday's game in Washington, possibly more

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DB - Weekly Press Release Notes - Patrick Smyth

DP - Broncos Mailbag: Season-ticket holders shouldn't be traitors - Mike Klis
"This year's Denver defense will continue to keep games competitive until the Broncos get another lucky bounce or the offense gets out of its rut. "

DPP - Broncos need ground game to avoid imbalance - Anthony Cotton
"Washington ranks sixth in the NFL in total defense (286 yards per game), three spots behind the Broncos, and just one behind Pittsburgh. It is also the ninth-stingiest team to score against, allowing 19.2 points per contest."

DPP - Broncos coach McDaniels: "No shortcuts" to improving running game - Mike Klis
"Right tackle Ryan Harris is expected to miss his second consecutive game Sunday when the Broncos play at Washington. Harris suffered a dislocated right big toe — not two small toes as previously reported — Nov. 1 at Baltimore... the Broncos have 14 takeaways in eight games. They had 13 takeaways in 16 games last year. The Broncos also reached the halfway point with 26 sacks. They had 26 sacks all of last season."

DPP - Broncos must play like leader - Jeff Legwold
"The Redskins come into the game 24th in the NFL in rushing offense and are likely to be without running back Clinton Portis."

DPP - Q&A: Time for Broncos QB switch? - Jeff Legwold
"Jay Cutler couldn't win down the stretch last year without a reliable running attack that stressed the defense, and neither will Orton. Cutler threw more than 600 passes last year, went down the field as much as people seem to always want from the Broncos and put up plenty of gaudy numbers — and the Broncos didn't go to the playoffs. So it isn't how far the passes are thrown. It's when they are thrown and what else the defense thinks you can do once you break the huddle."

DPP - Analysis: Law looks fine in Denver debut - Jeff Legwold
"The Broncos have plenty of teams left on the schedule that can stress a defense with three or four wide receivers on the field, most notably the Chargers, Giants, Colts and Eagles. So working out of the nickel is going to be important."

NFP - Tavern talk: McDaniels manages the game well - Mike Lombardi
I don't know if Lombardi reads ST&NO, but he covers McD's pre-halftime clock management much in the same way Ted did several weeks ago...


DPP - Broncos undone again by run defense vs. Steelers - Jeff Legwold

UPDATE 1:05PM ETDP - Paige: Give Chris Simms the start at QB vs. Redskins
Oh my. Thanks to JeffG for catching this one...

LTC - Chargers climbing while Denver dives - Brian Howell

LTC - Interceptions doom Denver in loss to Steelers - Brian Howell

CSG - Lack of deep passing game keeps Broncos grounded - Frank Schwab

AP - Broncos say there's no panic after another loss - Pat Graham

KDVR - Denver Broncos still look OK even after loss to Pittsburgh Steelers - Chris Tanaka

INDT - Drew Litton: Denver Broncos No Shows

Redskins News

WP - Denver Broncos' gallop slows to a trot - Mark Maske

WP - Redskins even struggle at showing heart - Tracee Hamilton

WP - Portis unsure if he'll play Sunday - Rick Maese

WP - Sooner or later, Portis's health must be addressed - Jason Reid

WP - Campbell maintains upbeat attitude - Jason Reid & Rick Maese

WP - Mounting injuries are taking a toll - Jason Reid & Rick Maese

AFC West News

NFL - Johnson clears waivers, becomes a free agent

NFP - Diner morning news: Chiefs acted too late - Mike Lombardi

NFP - Chiefs hoping for help on L.J. contract - Andrew Brandt

KCS - Johnson tells radio show he'd like to return to Chiefs someday - Kent Babb

FH - Bernard Pollard Accuses Chiefs of Trying To Have Him Blackballed - Knox Bardeen

SDUT - Norv knows emotion - Nick Canepa

SDUT - Chargers' defensive improvement a matter of trust - Chris Jenkins

FH - As Raider Nation Turns: Latest on Cable - Chris Burke

OT - Will Oakland Raiders fans be next to step up and be heard? - Monte Poole

NFL News

NFL - Browns place LB Barton on injured reserve

NFL - Appeals court: Vick can keep $16M in roster bonuses from Falcons

CBS - Q&A: Under fire, Mangini opens up about Browns, Quinn, Belichick - Clark Judge
Well...this is a very long, but interesting read. I learned that Eric Mangini is an intelligent, well-spoken and probably good person. However, I didn't learn much about him as a coach. It was disappointing to not see any Spygate questions, or perhaps one about the $1700 water bottle fine...

NFL Opinion

USAT - Not pretty, just Ben: QB's quiet confidence powering Steelers - Jarrett Bell

SI - MMQB Mailbag: Chiefs make right call on Johnson; how to fix Bears - Peter King

NFP - Returning to Quinn provides no hope for Browns - Matt Bowen

Y! - Freeney leads rush for defensive honors - Mike Silver

NFL - With these guys, there's no such thing as a good backup plan - Vic Carucci

NFP - A win for Vick, a loss for the NFL - Robert Boland

Midseason Awards, Etc.

SI - NFL Midseason Report: 2009 - Don Banks

SI - 2009 NFL Predictions for second half of season - Jim Trotter
"It's easy to say "Told You So" after consecutive defeats, but take a look at their remaining schedule."

SI - NFL Midseason All-Pro Team, Awards - Peter King

Y! - Second-half intrigue: Boys-Saints game looms - Jason Cole
"The Broncos and coach Josh McDaniels have been a great story this season, but I just don’t trust what I’m seeing...That 6-0 start could quite easily become a 10-6 finish, if not worse."

FOX - Schein 9: Peyton heads first-half award winners

FOX - Preseason's no-brainer picks didn't pan out - Kevin Hench
"The consensus was as fast and ruthless as it was wrong. It went like this. 1) Jay Cutler was the one player on the Broncos McDaniels could not alienate. 2) Kyle Orton was a huge downgrade from Cutler. 3) McDaniels will be the latest Bill Belichick disciple to fail spectacularly. Oh-for-three."

NFL - Handing out some first-half hardware of the unusual kind - Jason La Canfora

PFW - Colts lead PFW's Midseason All-Pro team - Keith Schleiden

SN - The Designed Rush, Week 10: Time for Meaningless Midseason Awards! - Michael Tunison

Power Rankings, Etc.

NYT - Week 9 Passer Ratings: Orton Seeks His Level - Luis DeLoureiro

ESPN - NFL Power Rankings Week 10

CBS - Power Rankings: No joke -- Bengals are serious contenders - Pete Prisco

FOX - NFL Power Rankings - Adrian Hasenmayer

FH - NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: The Ugly Side of Parity - Josh Alper