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Kyle Orton Questionable, Ryan Harris Out versus San Diego

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You'll be able to read the entire transcript later today, but Josh McDaniels did talk about two of the more prominent injured Broncos today during his meet-up with the media.  Talking about Kyle Orton, McDaniels said that Orton hasn't been ruled out and will be evaluated throughout the week -

Not sure exactly how it’s going to go," McDaniels said. "We’re going to see how he progresses over the course of the next few days.  We’ll have to see if and when Kyle is ready to go – whether it’s Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or not at all – we’re going to have to see how it goes.  He’s definitely not out for the game. We’re hopeful he can be ready to go."

While that is a bit of good news, the same could not be said about OT Ryan Harris.  McDaniels has already ruled Harris out for the game, meaning he will miss at least 3 weeks with his injured toe.