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Horse Tracks 11/17/09 - Orton's status questionable for Sunday; Harris ruled out

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DB - Week 11 - Mon: McDaniels - Broncos TV

DPP - Kyle Orton's status for Broncos uncertain for now - Lindsay Jones

INDT - 6-3 is not 3-6! Where’s the love? - Hunter Ansley
"Denver isn’t the only divisional leader sporting the deep scar of a shameful loss; it’s just the only one that everyone loves to hate. It’s the only team that has ESPN sportscasters squirming in their stools with gleeful doubt."

DPP - Denver's lines no longer in control - Mike Klis
Said Mike Nolan, "I think a lot of that is lack of discipline in what we're doing. We did it so well for most of the early part of the season, and we've got to get back to that. It's evident on film and the players all see it. It always seems to be the case when games are tight and guys try to make a play that can make a difference, and those are the times you have to be the most disciplined."

DPP - Ground work focus for next round of foes - Jeff Legwold
"Denver has surrendered more than 170 yards rushing in back-to-back weeks to teams that currently are ranked 17th and 19th running the ball."

DPP - Kiszla: Orton's field hooky not a good move
Wow. I'm not sure if Kiszla is saying what I think he's saying...

DPP - Q&A: Peyton Hillis needs to fight for a spot on Sundays - Jeff Legwold
Legwold does a very good job of explaining why Peyton Hillis hasn't been playing. But then he uses the J.J. Arrington signing as an example of a dangerous preference for veterans that results in salary cap hits when they get injured (no joking). It cost the Broncos $100,000 versus the cap. That's virtually nothing and certainly not notable. Let's also consider that Arrington is only 26 years old. Legwold also knocks McXanders using (for example) a higher pick than necessary for a player they like in the draft. Frankly, I want the front office to choose players they like and think fit the team, not just gather for value's sake...

DPP - Broncos Mailbag: Playoff hopes quick to crumble - Mike Klis
Klis thinks the Broncos match up well versus the Dolts and Colts. Hmm...Klis says almost the exact opposite of Legwold, and that McD "won't reach for players to fill a position of need."

NFLN - Mile high meltdown - Video
Martz and Faulk on the Broncos

DB - Forward Progress - Chris Gentilviso

DPP - Analysis: Experience will help Broncos through this rut - Mike Klis

DPP - Spotlight on Broncos all-purpose player Spencer Larsen - Lindsay Jones

DPP - Broncos eyeing ... The Chargers - Lindsay Jones

DPP - A numbers tale of Broncos turnovers

CBS4 - Elway Thinks The Broncos Are 'In Trouble' - Matthew Buettner

CSG - Broncos focus on AFC West showdown with Chargers - Frank Schwab

CSG - Broncos' McDaniels doesn't rule Orton out for Chargers - Frank Schwab

AP - Broncos Playing Wait-And-See Game With Orton - Arnie Stapleton

USAT - With Broncos slowing down, Chargers charge back in AFC West

DB - Ask Wesley Woodyard...

Chargers News

SDUT - Surging Bolts hope they don't succumb to hype - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Fashioning that look of success - Nick Canepa

SDUT - This Chargers list rings true - Nick Canepa

SDUT - Monday injury update - Kevin Acee

Y! - Tomlinson delivers after hearing special news - Mike Silver

NCT - Winning brings out chuckles from Turner - Jay Paris

NFL Results

NFL - Baltimore Ravens 16 at Cleveland Browns 0

FH - Ravens Win, Fume at Quinn 'Cheap Shot'

AFC West News

KCS - Chiefs coach Haley finding out it’s not easy making the decisions - Adam Teicher

SFC - Gradkowski might start for Raiders - David White

SFG - Raiders Silver and Black Blog : Non-QB update - David White

NFL News

PFW - Week 11 matchup tidbits

NFL - Browns' Cribbs injured vs. Ravens, taken to hospital

NFL - Bengals agree to terms with ex-Chiefs RB Johnson

NFL - Seahawks owner Allen diagnosed with lymphoma

NFL - NFL fines Titans owner $250K for reported obscene gesture

NFL - Foot injury likely to sideline Dolphins' Brown vs. Panthers

NFL - Bills fear knee injury to LT Bell could be season-ending

NFL - Cowboys expect Hamlin out 3-4 weeks; Colombo longer

NFL - Gross expected to go on injured reserve after ankle surgery

NFL - Jets, defensive line coach make 'mutual decision' to part ways

NYT - Gruden Extends Contract With ESPN - Judy Battista

NYT - Supreme Court Won't Hear Redskins Name Case

NFL Opinion

NYT - N.F.L. Quick Hits From Week 10: Why Passing Is King - Andy Benoit

NFP - Diner morning news: great week, great games - Mike Lombardi

NFL - Six from Sunday: Believe in the Bengals; Romo, Russell struggle - Pat Kirwan

CBS - Prisco Grades: Week 10

FH - Vikings Put Faith in Adrian Peterson - Thomas George

ESPN - Gut-check time for Lovie - Gene Wojciechowski
Wojo wonders if Lovie Smith should bench Cutler

PFW - Johnson worth the risk for Bengals - Mike Wilkening

NFP - What will Bengals gain with L.J.? - Matt Bowen

NFP - NFL coaches eyeing college jobs - Jack Bechta

NFP - Deadline today for player extensions - Andrew Brandt

NFP - Scout’s notebook: offensive review - Wes Bunting

Beating the Belichick Decision to a Pulp

NFL - Belichick defends decision to go for it on fourth down vs. Colts
So are these guys being honest, or are they overcompensating as former Pats trying to seem objective??...
NBC analyst Rodney Harrison, a safety for Belichick for six years who retired before this season, called it "the worst coaching decision I've ever seen Bill Belichick make."
ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi, who retired this year after 14 seasons as a Patriots linebacker, said, "The decision to go for it would be enough to make my blood boil for weeks. ... I would look at this decision as a lack of confidence in our ability as a defensive unit to come up with a big play to win the game."

NYT - ZEUS Computer Program Supports Belichick’s Fourth-Down Bid - Toni Monkovic

NFP - The Monday Tavern: Belichick prepares for every situation, even this one - Mike Lombardi

NFL - Belichick's move done out of respect for Manning's ability - Mike Lombardi

NFL - Easy to second guess, but Belichick was just playing the percentages - Steve Wyche

Y! - Criticism for Belichick is misguided - Dan Wetzel

PFW - Belichick made no blunder with bold decision - Nolan Nawrocki

SI - Bill Belichick made right decision in Patriots-Colts game - Joe Posnanski

ESPN - Belichick flunked his open-book test - Gene Wojciechowski

FOX - The Day After: The real problem with Belichick's call - John Czarnecki