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More ways to get your Denver Broncos fix

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There is now another way for you to follow all the action here on MileHghReport. Sprint - the NFL's official telecommunications sponsor - is also now a proud sponsor of SB Nation.

What's in it for you? As part of SBN's deal with Sprint, many of our posts are now being fed to Sprint's NFL Mobile Live program that is available on most Sprint phones. To access our content, just go to the Denver Broncos section of the program - where you will see "SB Nation" labeled as one of the headings. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

NFL Mobile Live also gives you free access to the radio broadcasts of every single regular season game right on your phone. In fact, you even get a choice of listening to either the home team or road team broadcasts. So for those of you not in the Denver area, you can hear Dave Logan and Eddie McCaffrey call the Broncos games right from your cell phone. But again, this is only available through Sprint and their NFL Mobile Live program.

Sprint has also partnered up with the NFL to give out 17 trips to this year's Super Bowl - which will come from Land Shark Stadium, of course - via their new Sprint Can't Miss Plays of the Week. You simply just click here and vote each week on what was the play of the week. Every time you vote, you are entered for a chance to win one of those 17 Super Bowl trips.

Just another way we are trying to be YOUR SOURCE for Denver Broncos News, Thought and Comment, no matter where you are!