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Beaten and Battered, Broncos lose to Chargers 32-3

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The Broncos are who I thought they were.  From the beginning of Training Camp, I said this team was neither deep enough, or talented enough, to overcome poor play from any of the three phases of the team - offense, defense, special teams.  Through 6 straight wins to start the season that was the case, and through 4 ugly losses it is the case.  The Broncos are not good enough to overcome mental mistakes, they are not deep enough to overcome Red Zone turnovers, and they simply don't have enough talent to beat quality football teams when they commit unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that neutralize one advantage they might have - in the return game.

None of that is any different than the way I felt on July 1.  The Broncos are now making the mistakes they weren't before.  The Broncos are committing the penalties they weren't before, and most importantly, the Broncos are turning the ball over at the worst possible times and at an alarming pace.

I am going to withhold comment about Kyle Orton/Chris Simms until Josh McDaniels gives his explanation.  Until then, I guess the good news is the Broncos will be back on the field in 96 hours, and will still control their destiny in many ways.  Talk about the game here, and remember - keep it clean and productive.