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Some Good News - Darrell Reid Food Fest


I know there is plenty of negativity going around regarding the Broncos, but as we approach the holiday season I think it is important to recognize these players and people in our society as well - showing what they are doing in the community.  Broncos LB Darrell Reid is very active, as are many of the Broncos, and Reid's Footz Foundation is holding one such event that can make us all proud to be Broncos fans, win or lose.

Reid,  and his charity the Footz Foundation, will be giving traditional Thanksgiving food, including turkeys, to 20 less fortunate Denver area families this Thanksgiving. The 3- to 10-member families will also receive additional food to help them make it through the holiday season without going hungry. The families are members of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, Wilfley Branch. Darrell will also speak to the kids about the importance of not giving up, both in life and on themselves. A natural leader on and off the field, he will inspire them. Darrell will also take pictures and sign autographs.

Darrell believes in this cause and wants to make it a special night for these kids, many of whom have had traumatic experiences and have been separated from loved ones. Now embarking on a very tough journey to start over, with some very unstable roads at times, these kids will draw strength and confidence from their time with Darrell. He is not just a figurehead in whatever he does, he is a participant and a role model. He leads by example and rolls up his sleeves and gets involved. Darrell wants to provide a "bright spot" for the kids in the center. He wants them to know that there is always a reason to hope and believe, and to never give up.

"Sometimes just bringing a smile to a child's face, and hearing laughter is gift enough - especially if it is allowing their minds to wander away from their troubles, even for a moment," says Darrell.