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Broncos add Ty Law, pending physical

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Now this is a weird move. The Broncos have agreed to a contract with CB Ty Law - who was once one of the better corners in the League with the New England Patriots, pending a physical tonight.

Law and the Broncos have reached agreement on a contract that will add another former Patriot to Josh McDaniels' stable of them in Denver.

Law confirmed the developments when contacted Friday.

He is scheduled to fly to Denver on Friday to take a physical. Assuming he passes, Law will join the Broncos at a similar time to when he joined the New York Jets last season.

When the Jets signed him early in a week last year, Law suited up days later and participated in more than 50 plays covering Randy Moss.

He had wanted to return to football again and will now have the chance. Law, Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey will give Denver arguably the most decorated defensive secondary in the league.

Decorated, yes - but is there a need? It is true that rookie Alphonso Smith and Jack Williams have been up and down as the Nickel corners, but will the addition of Law help that?

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