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Happy Birthday, Jared

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Jaden and David Bruton out on the town.
Jaden and David Bruton out on the town.

Many Broncos fans noted that #30, David Bruton, was escorting Eddie Royal into the end zone on both TD run-backs against the SD Chargers. As most folks expected, Bruton has quickly made a name and a place for himself on the Denver Broncos special teams.

David Bruton was our 4th round pick in the 2009 draft. That he has immediately become a consistent performer on special teams.that was to be expected - David was in on an astounding 596 special teams plays in college, including 169 during his junior year alone. Remarkably athletic, Bruton had a 41.5" vertical leap at the 2009 Combine.David was the 2nd fastest safety in this year's draft. Despite the overall slower times that came out in 2009, we know that Bruton has been timed repeatedly at the 4.35-4.39 range.

He's also in line to become a safety for the Broncos.. At 6'2" and 211 lb, he's a big, strong, fast player. While he was rated as 'raw' coming out of Notre Dame, he also showed leadership potential on the field. He started for the Fighting Irish in 2007 and 2008 and became a team captain his senior season, producing 93 tackles, 3 INTs (some sources list 4), 3 INT and 2 forced fumbles that year.

David Bruton has something in his life that keeps him on the straight and narrow and keeps his head on right. That would be his son, Jared. Coincidentally, Jared's birthday is November 9th, the night that the Broncos take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football in Denver. I once got the date wrong in an editing error and David was kind enough to write me and correct that. I offered to create a post, making sure that the MHR members would get the right message.

Bruton has Jared's name tattooed across his left shoulder. Bruton describes his son as being half of his motivation, while the other half comes from his personal faith. Before every game he taps his chest and his shoulder and points to the sky, his way of saying, "Thank You for my son and everything You've given me." This Monday, that will have a special meaning for him.

Congratulations to David on being a part of the Denver Broncos and the Denver community! And to Jared on his birthday. Many happy returns to you, my friend!  To both of them - all the best from the MileHighReport staff, members and community!