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Steelers Grind Down Broncos 28-10, I (still) Love This Team!

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Category Broncos Steelers
Score 10 28
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
Total Yards 248
3rd Down Conversions 5/13 7/12
T.O.P 26:57 32:48
1 3

Here they come. Whether it is the Cutler-backers, or now the Brett Kern-backers, they are coming. Which is fine - as Broncos fans you needn't answer to me, or anyone else, just yourself. Like an unfaithful spouse, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and answer for your fandom.

For those of you that have been around - and been consistent - I welcome you input because, agree or disagree, you have had the same opinion throughout.

Now, to the game. The Denver Broncos are 6-2. They are in 1st Place in the AFC West. Are there things that need worked on? Absolutely. While many of you will point to Kyle Orton, and to the two interceptions, I hope you will look deeper at that. Orton made some bad decisions, yes, but give a little credit to the Steelers D-Line - they were on top of Orton all night.

I had three keys to the game -

1. Establish the run
2. Defensive Turnovers
3. Play from in front.

There was a reason run the ball was first. When good defenses make you one-dimensional, they are going to attack. That was the key in the 3rd quarter - the Steelers were able to establish the treat of the running game while the Broncos could not - 27 yards is, to put in bluntly, a joke. The Broncos will NEVER be a good offense if they cannot run the football effectively. Correll Buckhalter has not been the same since the ankle injury and Knowshon Moreno continues to struggle. The result is the Broncos are trying to run a timing-based, play-action passing game when the threat of play-action doesn't exist.

Of course, the Steelers and Ravens are two pretty good defenses - but that is no excuse. The Broncos have weapons, and they have a defense. They need to commit to the run and find a way to get it done. Sure, pass to setup the run? I simply don't agree - maybe I'm an old-fashioned Broncos fan, but I watched Elway pass and pass and pass his way to 3 Super Bowl losses. I want a smash-mouth running team that gives the QB a chance in the passing game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the World Champs. They have gotten there by learning from the mistakes, by getting better each week. Tonight - when they faced adversity - they responded by taking the ball 80-yards in 4 plays to score a Touchdown. That is what Championship teams do. The Broncos are still trying to figure that out.

It's disheartening, and frankly, I am pissed. Pissed because the Broncos has limped home, leaving a final score that was not close to how competitive the game was.

But I love this football team and I love where the team is. They have earned their 6 wins in a similar way to earning the 2 losses. The important thing now is the team LEARNS from their losses and IMPROVES them. The Denver Broncos aren't where they need to be yet - not even close - but the important thing is the season is a stepping stone - a progression. I want the Broncos to be playing their best ball on January 9th, not November 9th.

Please try and remember your expectations of this team - and remember the by-laws here at MHR. Have your piece and get over it. The Broncos get right back to work for a trip to Washington this Sunday. The perfect remedy for the offense? We'll see. Until then, keep the faith Broncos fans. We all live and die with the Orange and Blue - in good times, and ESPECIALLY IN BAD TIMES!