J-Man...Honorary Citizen Ambassador??

As most of you are well aware, I am a daily visitor here to MHR but I rarely have much to add to the discussions and/or comments, let alone actually have the time do a FanPost. In fact my only other previous (somewhat half-hearted but fun) effort was several months back during training camp( while our beloved Broncos were taking a constant beating from the MSM Morons...Boy, MHR was all over them (still) like stink on poo!!!

But my lack of direct involvement has much less to do with any desire or need to express my opinions, but rather has much more to do with the incredible wealth of football knowledge, intelect, and true Fan insights provided here at MHR. Y'all just flat out rock and basiclly leave one reading much of what you already feel and believe and consequently, (seemingly) with not much to add. So, aside from the occasional sarcastic blip or complmentary remark, I am usually content to sit back and enjoy the show. And oh what a show it can be sometimes...LOL!

That said and based on recent comments made here at MHR, over at the AP, and many of the other SB Sites, I wanted to invite you all to join me to address and acknowledge one of our most dedicated and colorful members, J-man! Now I don't know J-man personally and I'm sure that many of you certainly would know him much better than I, but I know and appreciate character, passion, and true "Fanship", when I see it. J-man just doesn't love his Broncos, he loves his Football!!... He loves all of the Teams...He loves all of the Teams Fans...And, he loves to "travel" to all of the SB Teams sites because, he just loves to "talk football". And based on my own travels around the other sites I can tell you that with very rare exception (mostly innocent ignorance), all the other Teams' Fans love him as well!

Is J-man a member of the MHR Staff, no...Does J-man represent MHR with pride, passion and love for football and our Broncos, you bet he does!

As a (quietly) huge fan of J-man, I would like to pay a friendly and fun tribute him as our "un-official" Honorary MHR Citizen Ambassador using the loosely defined application below...What do YOU think?

Citizen Ambassador Definition Excerpt from Wikipedia: (My interpretive applications in italics)

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(MHR and SB Nation) Citizen diplomacy is the political concept of average (Bronco and NFL Fans) citizens engaging as representatives of a country (SB Nation Site) or cause either inadvertently or by design. Citizen diplomacy <may> take place when official channels are not reliable (not so with MHR Staff) or desirable (Zappa in his former life?); for instance if two countries (Sites) do not formally recognize each others governments (Staff)— citizen diplomacy may be an ideal tool of statecraft. Citizen diplomacy does not have to be direct negotiations between two parties, but can take the form of: scientific (The Stats Don't Lie) exchanges, cultural (Black Hole Trolls) exchanges, and international (NFL-Broncos) athletic events.

Citizen diplomacy can complement official diplomacy (as in J-mans' case) or subvert it. Some nations (Sites) can <ban> track efforts like this when they run counter to official foreign policy (Code of Conduct).

Citizen Ambassador (J-man) is the concept that the individual has the right, even the responsibility, to help shape U.S. (Bronco; MHR; SB Nation) foreign relations, “one handshake (post or comment) at a time.” Citizen diplomats can be students, teachers, athletes, artists, business people, humanitarians, adventurers or tourists. They are motivated by a responsibility to engage with the rest of the world (SB Nation) in a (polite), meaningful, and mutually beneficial dialogue.[1]

NOTE: This post is not intended to call out and/or otherwise offend any members, quite the contrary, it is simply my intent to recognize one (of many) of our stand out members, as someone that is obviously (at least to me) very special...PLEASE share your stories and opinions about how J-man is truely, an Ambassador of the Game!

Thanks all for your time and consideration...Richee

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