The Kansas City Chiefs Won't Lay Down For Us!

Entering into week 13 doesn't leave me feeling very quavery, but it does have me a little concerned. The Kansas City Chiefs have of late been one of our toughest games to win, especially in Arrow Head Stadium in December. Shannahan couldn't do it and what makes new head coach Josh McDaniels think he can some how break this tradition? For one thing, his ideals and schemes are not the prior regimes schemes. What he has though is a system that is very hard to decipher and defend against, at least when it is working right. I want to discuss with the brilliant minds of MHR and ArrowHead Pride of how this game will be decided one way or another.

First of all let's take a look at the Broncos offense and what they might try to do to score points.

1) Kyle Orton is a pocket passer and I wish he had better scrambling skills, but I believe that may be wishful thinking. What will he have to do to be successful against the Chiefs defense? This is my theory.

A) Kyle must have great pass protection from his offensive line. This is foremost the most important part of Kyle's success. If he is hurried he doesn't check down quickly enough IMHO to see the whole field. We have noticed this when he was in uncomfortable situations (hurried) and there were players open in another area of the field.

B) The receivers must run good routes and get open. SD's Antonio Gates was successful last week over the middle for huge yards (118 yards) so we may see a dose of Tony Sheffler in that respect. Hooks, curls and slants probably will be on the menu with Stokley, Gaffney and Marshall. I don't very seriously if the long ball will be a factor, given that Carr and Flowers have done a pretty good job on the corners. You never know though, McD disrespected Hall in Washington didn't he?

C) I believe this is the week that Moreno gets his first 100 yard game. He was well on his way last Thursday if it wasn't for Graham's holding (picky) call. Teamed up with Buckhalter, I see a running back corp having much success against the Chiefs. Hold on to the ball guys.

D) We have to play ball control and complete 3rd downs. One out of three times is not going to get it done. What we need out of our offense is to be more successful in the RedZone. This part of our offense has been mediocre if not dismal at times. Why in the heck Hillis was demoted is beyond me, given his success last year coming in as a RB. McD you can't bring in a player who has been sitting the bench and expect him to be successful/ Get him in the game early and get him warmed up for those end-zone drives. So what you hurt Knowshon's feelings we need to score way more often than we have. Retired Mark Cooper made the comment about the Redone failures and suggested what McD needs to do. Run more sweeps and bootlegs to wear the opposing defenses down by the end of the 3rd qtr.

On Defense:

2) We all know what our defense can do, so does the other teams and they have succumb to the fiery that the Broncos have done to them. Except for a few teams that really know on offense what to do with the ball. Our players had a closed door meeting last week before the Giants game and it seemed to work. Boy did it ever. They had Super Bowl winner Eli Manning running for his life. Go back and watch the Redskins game and tell me, did we pressure Campbell enough? He is no Manning and you tell me what went wrong. I have been cussing ever since. Dang...

A) Matt Cassel has a pretty good arm but he will be miss Dwayne Bowe his best receiver, so he will be looking in a different direction. Andre Goodman and Champ Bailey will have their hands full with Wade and Chambers, but I think they will be up to the task. Our front seven could make their life easier with a lot of pressure on Cassel. Cassel will slide out some but he is no Vince Young or Donovan McNabb. I'll put my money on Champ and Goodman.

B) Dumervil and Andra Davis must scissor Cassel in the pocket and make the sacks where Cassel has struggled to complete 3rd downs. I look for BDawk in on safety blitzes (whew!) on occasion. Watch out Cassel! Ouch! Goodman once or twice since Bowe is not a factor could have a big day in the Chiefs backfield as well.

C) DJ Williams will have his hands full chasing down Jamaal Charles on sweeps and bootlegs. Their 'bread and butter'? Maybe. Williams will probably have the most tackles again this week and if he stays within himself could have a very big day.

D) For our front three to be successful they must stuff the gaps and stop the runs up the middle. If they can win the battle in the trenches it will leave eventual gaps for DJ to have sacks. They lose the battle in the middle and it might be a long day. Keep everything short and force them into 3rd and long. Cassel and company have been disappointing in that area. Ronnie Fields, Vonnie Holliday and Ryan McBean need to penetrate the OLine to keep Cassel uncomfortable. He will make mistakes if they do.

Special Teams play:

3) Matt Prater has had a lot of confidence lately and that is a good sign especially going in the power (games we can't afford to lose) weeks ahead. Mitch Berger acquired just before the Ravens game has finally found his legs and timing. Field position is a very important for us and we need to make every play mistake free. No holding or blocks in the back on run backs. Come team, you proved to the world you have the ability to shine when it counts.

A) I don't know if Eddie Royal (and by the way, I have voted for him several times for returner) will be able to play this week since everything about his injury has been a mystery. Kenny McKinley, Correll Buckhalter and Alphonso Smith probably make the returns. They have done a fairly good job of getting good field position lately, can they be mistake free this week? We'll see, the Chiefs are no slouch on ST.

The bottom is, play mistake free, complete the 3rd downs and set them in the hole early to make them pass often. Thank you Bronco fans for all the support you give to our beloved Broncos. Any of you Chiefs fans are more than welcome to come on here and give you point of view of how you think your team can beat us. I would love to here all sides of this common fracas that we have twice a year. They are a proven foe, just look at the record.

Notice that I was respectful in calling their team the Chiefs. The doltbags and faders I have no respect for and severely dispise them in every way. I hope they never win a game ever...ever!

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