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Comcast Red Zone Report - Broncos have found their way inside the 20.

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This post is sponsored by Comcast and their NFL RedZone channel.  Want to see every touchdown from every NFL game as it happens as well as live look-ins to all of Sunday's games in key situations?  Then you need Comcast's NFL RedZone.

If we are going to have a sponsorship deal, we might as well find a way to incorporate said sponsorship into something that is near and dear to Broncos fans - the team's performance in the Red Zone.  This has been a key point of contention for a long time with Denver - take last year into account - 2nd in Yards, 16th in points.

Each week we'll take a look at the Broncos' trips into the Red Zone and how they fared.  Good teams, playoffs teams, score in the Red Zone.  If the Broncos want to be a playoff team, they'll need to as well.

It's obvious that the Broncos' fortunes have gone the way the offense has gone in the Red Zone.  The defense, as well.  When the Broncos started the season 6-0, they were very good on both sides of the ball inside the 20.  In losing 4 straight, they became one of the League's worst teams in scoring position.

Now, the Broncos have gotten back to their winning ways, in large part because they have found their touch inside the 20 once again.

Overall in 2009, the Broncos Offense looks like this -


1 @ CIN 0/0
2 vs. CLE 2/4
3 @ OAK 2/6
4 vs. DAL 1/2
5 vs. NEP 2/3
6 @ SD 2/4
8 @ BAL 1/1
vs. PIT 0/0
@ WAS 0/1
11 vs. SD 0/4
12 vs. NYG 2/5
13 @ K.C. 4/6
TOTALS 16/36 (44.4%)


The Broncos started the Giants game with 2 trips inside the Giants' 20 that ended in field goals.  Penalties, poor execution and mental lapses caused Josh McDaniels to rip into his team on the sidelines in what became the F-Bomb heard 'Round the World.  F-bomb or not, what McDaniels said to his offense has worked.  The Broncos have gone 6 for their last 9 inside the 20, their best production this season.  With the Colts on the docket it comes at the perfect time.

Anything over 50% is considered good in the NFL.  The Broncos have gotten their numbers back close to 45%.  After their 6-0 start, the team sat at 47.7%.  If they can get close to that number, the Broncos will get to the playoffs.


Here is what the Defense looks like so far this season -


1 @ CIN 1/2
2 Vs. CLE 0/1
3 @ OAK 0/1
4 Vs. DAL 1/3
5 Vs. NEP 2/2
6 @ SD 1/2
8 @ BAL 1/3
vs. PIT 3/4
@ WAS 2/4
11 vs.SD 3/6
1 vs. NYG 0/1
1 @ K.C. 1/3
TOTALS 15/32(46.9%)


The defense has also turned it around for the Broncos.  Team's were scoring at a 50% clip inside the 20, and were getting there way too much.  The last two games was a rebound to what the team was doing earlier in the season - limiting opportunities and forcing teams to kick field goals.  Now, at a shade under 47%, the defense is getting back some of the swagger it had in September and October - and at just the right time.