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Colts 28 - Broncos 16 - Colts remain undefeated as Broncos miss opportunities

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Category Broncos Colts
Score 16 28
Rushing Yards 95 92
Passing Yards 262 220
Total Yards 357 312
3rd Down Conversions 6-17 9-16
T.O.P 31:27 28:33
Turnovers 1 3
Red Zone 2-4 4-4


Here are the final numbers.  Talk about the game.  This one stings, to be sure, because the Broncos had their chances - but as this team continues to grow, and tries to get into the playoffs, this is a growth opportunity as well.  The Broncos could have folded, down 21-0 early in the 2nd Quarter, and been embarrassed by the Colts.  They didn't.  They fought for 60 minutes.  The Colts were better, and they won the game. 

Each week we learn a little more about these Broncos, what they are, and what they will become as Josh McDaniels continues to build the roster in his image.  Anyone not like what they see? 

Congrats to Brandon Marshall for breaking Terrell Owens' single-game receptions record with 21 passes caught.  Marshall was a Beast today.  Kyle Orton played well, and the defense was awesome after a slow start.  Too many missed opportunities, however, in short-yardage situations, to go along with sloppy game-management at times was too much to overcome when playing a team like the Colts, a quarterback like Peyton Manning.

Again, I know there is frustration, but I feel good about the BIG PICTURE.