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Bengals WR Chris Henry passes away is reporting that Cincinnati Bengals WR Chris Henry has died from injuries suffered when he fell out of the back of a truck during a domestic dispute with his fiance.  He was 26.

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry died Thursday, one day after suffering injures in a fall from the back of a pickup truck, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said. He was 26.

Police on Wednesday described the incident as a domestic dispute with his fiancée. Henry was found in the road about eight miles north of downtown Charlotte.

While this website focuses on the Broncos, it seems relevant to take notice anytime that something tragic, and senseless, like this happens within the NFL.  We are coming up on a tragic anniversary of our own in a couple weeks, which makes this even more saddening.

Our thoughts go out to Chris Henry's family, friends, the Cincinnati Bengals and their fans as the reality of this tragedy sets in.