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Broncos Playoff Scenarios and the Waiting Game

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Ok.  There is going to be a complete list of all the playoff scenarios, including if games end in a tie, coming later tonight.  Until then, you can check out this FanPost.  Hat-tip to CaliBroncoBoy for posting it.

Now, the easiest way for the Broncos to get in to the playoffs - at least in terms of remembering it for the week - involves the following scenario - 

1.  Broncos Win - Beating the Chiefs is a requirement. Yes, there are ways for the Broncos to get in at 8-8, but no need to get into that right now.


2.  Two of the following teams lose their game -- Baltimore @ Oakland; Pittsburgh @ Miami; or New York Jets Vs. Cincinnati.

That will get it done.  Yes, there is a scenario where the Broncos get in if one of those teams lose and the Texans beat New England, but again, I am going for ease of remembering. 

This is pretty easy too - if the Jets and Ravens win, they are in the Playoffs, regardless of what Denver, or anyone else does.

Now, for the waiting game.  The NFL just announced that the Jets-Bengals game, the final game at The Meadowlands, has been flexed - it is now the Sunday Night game on NBC(8:20pm ET).  That means the Broncos, and us fans, may need to wait late into the night to find out, for sure, if we'll play in the Post-Season.

More on this as things become officially-official.