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The Latest Denver Broncos Playoff Scenarios

Not much has changed since the last post, but I thought it relevant to share a few more scenarios that would get the Broncos into the postseason, including those involving a Loss to the Chiefs on Sunday - I know, I cringe with the thought as well....

Here are all the scenarios - not counting games that end in a tie - as it stands right now(unofficial)

The Broncos will get in the playoffs with a....

1.  Win over Chiefs plus losses by at least two of the following: Baltimore (at Oakland), Jets (vs. Cincinnati), Pittsburgh (at Miami) OR

2.  Win over Chiefs plus Jets loss AND wins by Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Houston (vs. New England)

3.  Loss to Chiefs plus Pittsburgh loss AND losses by at least three of the following: Baltimore, Houston, Jacksonville and Jets

4.  Loss to Chiefs plus losses by Baltimore, Houston, Jacksonville and Jets

The goal here is to try and make it as easy as possible for you guys and gals to follow.  Several websites out there are confusing people by showing what the Playoffs would look like if they started TODAY.  That's great, except things like Common Opponent tie breakers don't kick in until next week.

There is a pulse, however light it might be.  Keep the faith - until ALL HOPE is lost.