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Brian Dawkins wins Ed Block Courage Award

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Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins has been named the team's recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award, it was announced on Tuesday at a press conference at the Sports Legends Museum in Baltimore.

Dawkins, along with a player from each of the 31 other NFL teams, was selected by his teammates to receive the award for exemplifying a commitment to sportsmanship and courage. It marks the first time that the 14-year veteran has earned the award, which was first given to a player from each team in 1984.

All 32 Ed Block Courage Award recipients from around the NFL will be honored at a banquet in Baltimore in early March.

Previous Broncos winners of the Ed Block Courage Award include safety Marquand Manuel (2008), defensive end John Engelberger (2007), linebacker Louis Green (2006), tight end/tackle Dwayne Carswell (2005) and guard Dan Neil (2004).

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation is an NFL-supported charity dedicated to recognizing courage in the league while improving the lives of abused/neglected children in NFL cities throughout the country.