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Potent Quotables - Denver Broncos 44 - Kansas City Chiefs 13


Opening Statement: "I am really proud of the effort from our team today. We talked a lot about how difficult it was to come in here and get wins this late in the season in Kansas City. It was a big division game for us and I thought our team prepared hard and was familiar with the opponent. We played with a lot of energy today and we knew that we would be the only ones to bring it today from our side and I thought we were really into the game and executed early and continued to stay with it for 60 minutes. I am happy to get a victory." 

Can you talk about the play made on the fake punt? "They went to a gadget-type formation and I know that there was a guy leaking out the other way and they had an opportunity to get that ball out there but TE Richard (Quinn) made a heck of a play. I don't know what happens if the ball gets thrown but it probably wouldn't have been too good for us. Whenever you break the formation and have a gadget-type play, we were prepared and we split out with them but you are never sure who they are trying to pick for or who they are trying to spring free. That was a big play in the game because we obviously took possession of the football in their territory."

Is your secondary a key component you paid attention to when putting together the defense? "At certain points in the National Football League, you have to win games by throwing the football or defending the pass when you know you have to throw it or they have to throw it on third downs, red zone or in two-minute [drills]. So, certainly, the secondary is an important piece to your defense. The rush helps the secondary and the secondary helps the rush and that is what we have preached all along. When our rush is giving some pressure, our guys have done a nice job of covering for the most part this year. They have covered well and we have allowed our rush to get there and it kind of works hand in hand. You don't really have a heck of a secondary when you don't have some type of pressure and rush to force the ball out quicker."

Will you prepare differently knowing you are going up against the unbeaten Colts? "I think we have a veteran team who understands that we have to play our best football no matter who our opponent is. In December, we have to play our best football of the year if we want to have an opportunity to live longer than the season says we are supposed to live. Our focus was on improving our football team in the areas that we needed to improve on the most and getting ready to play the Chiefs. That is going to be our challenge again this week against Indy."

Does it help coming off a Thursday game? "It was an opportunity to try and get healthy and we came into the game for the most part pretty healthy. We had an opportunity to have an extra day of preparation. Extra days never hurt when you are getting ready to play a team for the first time that you are not very familiar with. Even though this is a division team, we have a lot of new players and Kansas City has a lot of new players, so it was a new week for us. It can be an advantage if you use it right but certainly teams have done well against opponents that have had more time off than them."

How did you feel going up against QB Matt Cassel? "I want to win, I am a Bronco. We are going to have more games against the Chiefs and QB Matt Cassel. He made some plays on us and certainly he is a young player who is going to continue to get better and do big things in this league. He is a good football player, I know that, and it is going to take a good effort to contain him and stop him every time we play him. We play this team again in four weeks so we are going to have to do it again."



On RB Correll Buckhalter: "Buck has done a great job all year. He's the guy that once he breaks through that line he's really got a lot of home run potential and I know he was real close on the one that he got tripped up there on the end. But, Buck played real well. He had two hands on that ball the entire day and ran hard."

On having more rushing yards than passing yards: "My entire career we've had more running yards than passing yards coming from Chicago. So the stats do not matter. I told Josh [McDaniels] we'll throw it 50 times or run it 50 times. It doesn't matter to me."

On his individual performance: "I certainly wasn't happy about the pick to start off. I had a couple of guys come from behind and get there right at the end. I've got to get the ball out a little bit faster and I've got to block them a little bit longer and get open."

The Broncos had lost 17 out of 18 games in December at Arrowhead Stadium. Did you know that or listen to stuff like that? "We knew. We really didn't take too much stock in it. You know, we figured if we came in and played good football and played the way we are capable [of] we'd get of here with a win."

Does this kind of offensive output carry you over to next week? "Well, I hope so. That's two good weeks in a row that we've put together on offense. I think, as a team, we played well for two weeks in a row and hopefully we can continue that momentum."

On WR Brandon Marshall: "We've got a lot of guys like that. You just give them the ball on short passes and let them do their thing. Whether it's the running backs, the wide receivers or the tight ends, we've got a lot of guys that can make plays without having to throw the ball 50 yards down the field."

Normally you can't get away with three turnovers and win by 30. How did that happen? "The defense did great holding them to field goals for the most part. The one, there at the end, they [the Broncos defense] let them get in. For the most part, they held them to three points after the turnovers, which is huge. We were able to just keep on going and scoring points."


What was the game plan offensively? "Basically, we were going to run the ball and pass when we can. That's the game plan every week and it's to be tough whether it's in the secondary or upfront."  



On his time as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs: "I had seven good years here. I was happy to be a Chief. We'll probably call this home when I am done playing. I definitely miss the Chiefs. It's good to be here."

How do you explain the running game over that last couple of weeks? "The running backs are hitting the holes really well and they are running so much harder, not that they weren't running hard before. But, you can really tell when they hit the holes they're trying to break a big one. Buck [RB Correll Buckhalter] almost got the big run. He was tripped up a little bit. Then, Knowshon [Moreno] had the big short yardage run for a touchdown. Guys are just stepping up and it feels good."

You remember what this place was like when the Chiefs were playing well. Is it almost sad to look up and see the seats half empty before the third quarter? "It is. I feel bad for the guys that experienced the good years when I was here. It's unfortunate. But, they'll get back to where it was. The fans in Kansas City are good and they know how to root their team on. They'll be back. But, I feel sorry for the guys."


What was the difference in you being able to rush 100 yards today? "Our offensive line did a great job their sustaining blocks and allowed me, Knowshon [Moreno] and Peyton [Hillis] to be able to get to the second level."

One of the things that running backs always talk about is trying to find some rhythm, get some consistency going. When you have that kind of line play that enables it to happen, doesn't it? "Coach [Josh] McDaniels is always talking to us. We have to control the line of scrimmage. We have the kind of offensive linemen here and that's what they do. They get out there and do their job. It's critical. As a running back it is my responsibility to get it to the second level and theirs is to sustain their blocks."