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D.J. Williams on the move again??

An interesting tid-bit from Pro Football Weekly(a must have for football junkies like me...) --

One of the repercussions of Denver’s transition to a 3-4 defense is yet another change of positions for D.J. Williams, who has not played at the same spot in back-to-back seasons since 2004-05. Sources say having Williams, who is athletic enough to play inside or outside in a 3-4, gives the Broncos some flexibility in the draft and free agency. If the team decides to use an early pick on a linebacker, it won’t have to stew over whether to take someone who can play inside or outside. Instead, Denver can take the one they deem the best available, regardless of position, and then alter Williams’ position accordingly. The constant changes have made things more challenging for Williams, who recently underwent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, but he has played well no matter where he lines up and he doesn’t seem shaken by it.

Not a complete shock, but an interesting look at what the Broncos might be thinking.  Without really, really looking at the tape, Williams isn't a "great" fit at any position in a true 3-4.  Perhaps that is because he hasn't been asked to, and as WIlliams has shown us in the past, he is talented enough to play anywhere.