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Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Arizona Cardinals -- Super Bowl XLIII Open Thread

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Super Bowl XLIII
Arizona Cardinals (12-7) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4)
6:00 PM EST
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL (NBC)

It's Super Bowl Sunday!!  I know the Broncos aren't in the game, but true football fans look forward to this day like children dream of Christmas.  Over-indulgence is the name of the game - over the top commercials, over the top pre-game, over the top halftime shows - the NFL at it's oveer the top best.

I mentioned on this week's MHR Radio that I liked the Cardinals, and I still do.  There is just something about Kurt Warner and that set of Wide Receivers.  The Cardinals have always had alot of talent, you have to when you draft that high for so many years.  What they needed was a plan, and confidence.  Ken Whisenhunt has given them both.  Besides, who knows that vaunted Steelers defense better than Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, two former Steelers offensive coaches that were passed over for the Steelers job??

This game should be a classic, one that comes down to the final quarter.  Sometimes great indiduval efforts by great players overcome a better football team.  Larry Fitzgerald will do that today, leading to a shocking end to what has been an upside down 2008 NFL Season.

Final Prediction -- Arizona 27 - Pittsburgh 26

This is an open thread for the big day.  Any topic is up for grabs.  Where (or if) you'll be watching; the delicious spread you'll be devouring; who you're pulling for; your game prediction; is John Madden immortal?; favorite Super Bowl memories; anything and everything is open for discussion today.  We won't get another national holiday for a couple of months, folks, so enjoy Super Bowl Sunday while it lasts!