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Think you're smart? Try some Wonderlic!

The Combine officially kicks off tomorrow and what better way to prepare then giving everyone the same Wonderlic test that the athletes have to take?

The Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R) is used not just by the NFL, but lots of employers to help measure a candidate's ability to:

- Learn a specific job.
- Solve problems.
- Understand instructions.
- Apply knowledge to new situations.
- Benefit from specific job training.
- Be satisfied with a particular job.

Higher-scoring applicants are supposed to learn more rapidly, master more-complex material, and exercise better judgment while lower-scoring applicants tend to require more time, detailed task instruction, and less-challenging job routines.

25 is the average score for quarterbacks and offensive linemen. Other positions average about a 20.  A generic breakdown of the scoring looks like this:

50 = highest possible score, superior intelligence
30 = Very bright, you're shouldn't be living at home
20 = average intelligence (similar to IQ of 100)
15 = Equivalent to unskilled worker
10 and Below = Mental retardation

Looking back at the test, the questions are not difficult; however; there is the added pressure of the clock. The athletes have 12 minutes to answer 50 questions, and since this test here is scaled down for 10 questions, I rounded off the exam for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

To begin the test and gauge your score against other athletes' Wonderlic scores...

To begin your test, click here >>> 

NFL Notable High Scores:

Drew Henson 42
Alex Smith 40
Eli Manning 39
Brian Griese 39
Tony Romo 37
Drew Bledsoe 36
Matt Leinart 35
Kellen Clemens 35
Tom Brady 33
Steve Young 33
John Beck 30
Philip Rivers 30
Troy Aikman 29
Brady Quinn 29
Drew Brees 28
Peyton Manning 28
Ryan Leaf 27
Ben Roethlisberger 25
Brett Favre 22

Notable Low Scores:
Tarvaris Jackson 19
Derek Anderson 19
Vince Young 16*
Dan Marino 15
Terry Bradshaw 15
Donovan McNabb 14
David Garrard 14
Kordell Stewart 13
Marcus Vick 11
Jeff George 10
Chris Leak 8**

* Vince Young apparently scored a 6 on his first test, and he took the test a second time scoring a 16.

** Leak apparently decided to only answer 12 of 50 questions. Got 8 out of 12 right, but alas, 8 is his score.