Bills v. Broncos - A HOF Travesty in Numbers

Newsflash: Shannon Sharpe got jobbed by the HOF  

Won 3 Superbowls 8 time probowler

Was stat leader in all categories for a TE when retired   - Nobody in the history of the NFL was more productive than he when he hung them up.  

How does he not get into the HOF?   Ralph Wilson gets in and not Sharpe?  How is it that a guy who founds a team in an area that is quickly becoming incapable of supporting a team (the move to Toronto is all but fixed) gets in ahead of the greatest TE to play the game in his time?  A guy who never once took a snap?  Amazing... I'll tell you why... Because Sharpe was a Bronco...  

Here's some interesting math:  

The Buffalo Bills have 9 HOFers (including Wilson)  

In the common NFL era the Bills have: 7 division championships. 13 playoff appearances 4 Conference Championships 0 Superbowl Wins  

The Broncos have 2 HOFers.   In the common NFL era the Broncos have: 10 division championships 17 playoff appearances 6 Conference Championships 2 Superbowl Wins  

So, why the disparity in HOFers?   It doesn't make any damn sense!  9-2?  Seriously?  Clearly the numbers above show that the Broncos are BETTER team and that would reasonably mean that the Broncos had BETTER PLAYERS. This isn't just some anomaly.  This isn't an aberration!  It's a travesty of a process and I am just furious over the whole mess!  Get real people and give the fans and players of the Broncos their due and do the RIGHT thing.  


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