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Horse Tracks 2/20/09



Mike Klis thinks it would be an upset on par with SB XXXII if the Broncos were to choose anything but defense in the first two rounds.

Lindsay Jones speculates that Denver could have interest in Derrick Ward.


The man who first hired Brian Xanders in Atlanta thinks Xanders will need a lot of help to succeed as the head man in Denver.

Jeff Legwold thinks there's not enough room in Denver for Al Haynesworth. And, in case you missed it yesterday evening, he said the money earmarked for fired employees could hamstring the Broncos and their off-season spending.



Adam Schefter recaps all of the franchise tags.

Former Broncos draft choice David Bowens was released by the Jets.

Somehow, after missing seven games in 2008, Pork Chop thinks Champ Bailey may want a new contract to match Nnamdi Asomugha. I'm not making this up, Bill is...

A judge in Georgia told Travis Henry to stop whining. says Denver interviewed Alex Boone at the combine.

Josh Bard has worn #7 in honor of John Elway and #77 for Karl Mecklenburg.