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Horse Tracks 2/21/09


DP - At the Combine, Josh McDaniels talked about the free agency budget and the 3-4.

DP - Captain Obvious, Part 1. Not sure why he's bringing it up now, but Mike Klis thinks Matt Cassel's success had a lot to do with the hiring of Josh McDaniels. No kidding, Mike. You don't say?

DP - The attorney for D-Will's alleged killer questioned the credibility of a grand jury witness.

RMN - Captain Obvious, Part 2. After much research, the Rocky has determined that the Draft will be important for the Broncos' future success on defense.

RMN - McDaniels was consulted on the decision to promote Brian Xanders to GM.

RMN - Jarvis Moss will be switching to outside linebacker for Mike Nolan. See the notes to the left for updates on Casey Wiegmann and Kenny Peterson. - has the video and transcript from Josh McDaniels' press conference here. - You can also see McDaniels' chat with Adam Schefter on the NFL Network.

RMN - Boss Bailey's rehabilitation is going well.

RMN - Tony Scheffler needs to avoid those late-night buffets.

Oakland released Gibril Wilson, Ronald Curry and Kalimba Edwards. Hmm, the Broncos could use a safety who knows how to tackle, eh?

Here's the AP's take on the D-Will case.

Dave Goldberg of the AP discusses the perils of free agency. You'll never guess which former Coach/GM he cites as an example of guys who "didn't get it."

Ouch. When Todd Haley was asked about his new team's current state of affairs, he observed "We have a pretty good punter."

Kurt Warner has decided to play in 2009. Will it be for Arizona?

Captain Obvious, Part 3. The top priority for Kubes in Houston is fixing the "D".