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A Case For Keeping Ebenezer Ekuban

Ebenezer Ekuban registering his second sack of the season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 3 of the 2008 season.

I understand that we are purging the defense, but realistically we will need at least a few veteran leaders on our young team and E.E. has always been a positive force on the team. More than likely he will walk and we will find the veteran leadership we need elsewhere, but out of all the soon-to-be former Broncos that are going to be hitting the street in a couple of weeks, Ebenezer Ekuban is the one guy I want to see come back and sign with us.

I also understand that five sacks to lead the team is a joke, but if I was given a choice between a guy like Tim Crowder and Ekuban, I'd pick Ekuban. I know Crowder is one of the young guys and all that but his potential is about what we already have in Ekuban. Crowder isn't a long-term solution for our team, so why not stick with the short-term sure thing in Ebenezer and part ways with Crowder now?

As for Jarvis Moss, he is still developing. In our instant-gratification culture, we tend to expect instant results from first-round draft picks as well. Even so, I am impressed with how Moss has carried himself in his first two seasons and I am also satisfied with his progression thus far. He is going to have a place on our team in the future, and having a good role model he can relate to like Ebenezer Ekuban will only help our rebuilding cause.

For these reasons, I consider Ekuban to be the only must re-sign defensive free agent on our roster. I acknowledge that this probably won't happen, but I will be more than pleased if it does.

Ebenezer Ekuban's Career Stats
Year Team Games Tackles Sacks
1999 Dallas Cowboys 16 23 2.5
2000 Dallas Cowboys 12 29 6.5
2001 Dallas Cowboys 1 2 0.0
2002 Dallas Cowboys 16 31 1.0
2003 Dallas Cowboys 15 27 2.5
2004 Cleveland Browns 16 39 8.0
2005 Denver Broncos 16 27 4.0
2006 Denver Broncos 15 63 7.0
2008 Denver Broncos 15 38 5.0
-- Career Totals 122 279 36.5