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Horse Tracks 2/22/09


DP - Keith Kidd is leaving ESPN/Scouts Inc. to run the Broncos' pro scouting department. He has scouted for the Patriots, Cardinals and Browns during his 14 NFL years. Casey Wiegmann's agent is working on a new three-year deal with Denver, while Brandon Marshall's agent reportedly met with Brian Xanders this week. Marshall is in the final season of his rookie contract. Sources say the Broncos will be interested in CBs Ronald Bartell and Bryant McFadden. Free agency commences at 12AM Thursday night (EST).

The Boston Globe discusses the effects of Bill Belichick's tree on the hunt for college talent. So does the Herald.

SI - Don Banks talks combine.

DP - Kiszla gives his first hare-brained semi-prediction about Denver's 2009 fortunes.

DP - Lindsay Jones gives her daily speculation regarding the Broncos' free agency goals.

DP - Daniel Graham is running at Republic Plaza for charity.

RMN - We don't have to listen to Emmitt "The Wordsmith" on Sunday mornings anymore. He got blowed out of ESPN after debacling too many sentences. Watch some of his finest work here.

The Dallas News discusses the rigors of playing a professional sport with diabetes.

The Orlando Sentinel talks about the changing landscape in NFL coaching - younger and cheaper.

Jeff Saturday is entering free agency.

Could the Redskins be interested in Dre' Bly?